Quick Beet Pickles – AIP & Paleo

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Quick Beet Pickles – AIP & Paleo

Very quick recipe today, leading up to Friday’s post!

2 months on the AIP diet, and we’re definitely finding our comfort zone for eating, especially with regards to cravings for the foods I can’t have, while letting things clear up.

Living here in Hamilton, Shawarma is everywhere. EVERY. WHERE. So, I’m constantly wanting something I can’t, which meant having to develop an AIP version. It went spectacularly well, has been in regular rotation here.

One part of traditional shawarma, is the pickled beets. Unfortunately, store bought pickled beets tend to be close, but not quite suitable for my current diet restrictions – the sugar, spices, and vinegar used, in particular.

Luckily, they’re all easily swapped out, and the few tweaks produce a great pickle that tastes just like it should. As a bonus: You can cook sliced turnips in the pickling liquid when you’re done, to make shawarma pickled turnips!

Enjoy these quick beet pickles!

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