Chicken Shawarma – AIP & Paleo!

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Chicken Shawarma – AIP & Paleo!

As I’ve mentioned before … one of the best things about Hamilton is also one of the most difficult things, when it comes to being on a restrictive diet. There is amazing food EVERYWHERE – every ethnicity you can think of is represented, and then some.

As part of that, there’s a shawarma place pretty much every three blocks – and I honestly don’t know how much of an exaggeration that is. There are shawarma-specific places, shawarma on combined focus menus, many pizza places even offer shawarma pizza.

Anyway, I digress. With shawarma everywhere, I knew I’d have to come up with a reasonable facsimile to serve at home. I’d proud to say that I managed to do just that – this is amazingly accurate for something that has no dairy or nightshades – and really hits the spot!

We’ve been making this almost every week since developing the recipe. The chicken leftovers reheat well, and also make a great salad:

AIp Chicken Shawarma Salad

Some of the prep work can be done beforehand. Toum can be done several days ahead, same with the pickles. You can marinate the chicken overnight … really, the seasoned tortillas and actually cooking the chicken are the only tasks that really should be done right before serving.

As far as the chicken goes, the recipe reflects the quickest and easiest way to cook it – sauteeing on the stove top. Alternatively, you could bake it or charcoal grill it (which has THE most authentic flavour, imho) – in either of these cases, marinate whole chicken breasts, cook them, then slice them up for service.


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