Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – “Gouties”! AIP and Paleo

Recently, I got into making gummy candies.

Having moved home to Canada, I have access to SO many amazing gummy candies. I have no idea why they’re better here than back in the USA, but they just are – a fact that wasn’t lost on friends back in MN… I used to buy 40+ lbs of gummies every time I’d visit home – I love Bulk Barn! – mix them up and divvy them between friends who’d placed “orders” for however many lbs they wanted. I got a lot of weird looks from border guards, LOL.

… but, as I’m coming to realize… traditional gummies are an awful gout trigger for me. Boo. It was fun while it lasted!

So, now I make my own, with fruit or fruit juices (and some other, more wild ingredients… stay tuned!), honey, and gelatin. It’s super easy to do, taking less than 10 minutes of work, and super satisfying. I’m particularly fond of the gummy worms, it’s just such a fun texture and wriggle.

In the case of these – which I’ve nicknamed “Goutie Bears” – or just “gouties” – I basically just gelatinized 2 ingredients that gout sufferers are supposed to consume frequently – tart cherry juice, and apple cider vinegar. Not the worst thing in the world, but gets boring to drink every day – gummies are much more fun!

Aside from gout, apple cider vinegar and tart cherry juice – separate or together – are supposed to have all sorts of other health benefits. They’re regularly touted as anti inflammatory agents, tart cherry juice is supposed to help you with sleep, etc. I honestly don’t know much about any of that, I’m just dutifully trying to stave off any further gout attacks (two years since the last one, woot!), and it does seem to help.

Not a gout sufferer? No worries, I’ll be posting more gummy recipes in the new future. It’s such a fun and easy thing to do, requiring minimal equipment – something very important, these days! Gummy candy making has definitely been a fun – and tasty – way to spend some self isolation time, and I’d imagine it would be a great project for kids to do. It’s certainly easy enough for kids to do, even with minimal supervison.

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In terms of the molds, I like using silicone molds that are specifically meant for gummies – it just feels more “legit”, IMHO. I’m not stuck on them being bears or worms, though. As pictured, THIS is the set I used for the photo. I also used THIS set, though those ones aren’t pictured here. The molds for that second set are a lot larger, so they fill up a lot quicker. They’re super cute cartoonish dinosaurs… which is important, when you’re talking about gout remedies, right? 🙂

I wish My Fruit Shack DIY Fruit Snacks Set – 4 BPA-Free LFGB/FDA Grade Silicone Molds (Makes 184 Gummies Total), 2 Droppers and 1 Basic Recipe Page“>THIS set was available in Canada, because it’s super cute. Maybe when the borders open up, I’ll order it and send it to a friend in Buffalo… I just have no idea when I’ll next see them.

There are a ton of different kinds of gummy molds available – fruit, stars, hearts, dinosaurs, etc. Just have fun with it!

Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

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