Honey Jeow Glazed Cashews

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Let me present my latest creation: Honey Jeow Glazed Cashews!

You’ve probably tried honey glazed cashews at some point, but have you tried spicy honey glazed cashews? I’ve been making Sriracha Glazed Cashews forever. The honey and hot sauce work so well together as a glaze, and I love the sweet / spicy / crunchy combination. It comes together quickly, and disappears even more quickly.

The other day, though, I was wandering around Instagram and saw a post where someone was dipping something – stuffed tofu skin, I think? – in a dipping sauce that looked Ah. Maze. Ing. They called it “Jeow”, a Laotian dip.

A quick Google led me to find Jeow Hot Sauce, a company based right here in Hamilton! Because I have absolutely no impulse control at all, I HAD to have some. The company wasn’t set up for online ordering, but could take an order over social media and deliver it right to my door. Somehow, I went from “I need this” to “I have this” in 2 hours!

Let me tell you, that first taste of it probably ruined me for sriracha forever. This sauce is far more complex – and potent! It has fish sauce, a few kinds of hot peppers, lime, mushroom powder, and more. It’s SUPER spicy, but also complex and almost roasty/smoky flavoured. My husband and I were immediately looking forward to using it for SOMETHING.

The person from Jeow who sold me the sauce told me:

“Originally designed to be used as a dipping sauce. The sauce is very versatile. It goes well with all different types of protein. Anything that comes out of the oven or from the grill or from stove top. Chicken wings. Steaks. Fish. You name it. Try it on all things. We hope you enjoy it!”

… but I immediately started thinking of my sriracha glazed cashews, and how amazing this Jeow sauce would be swapped in. I immediately ordered some cashews, whipped up a batch, and here we are.

Oh, I was SO right. This makes incredible glazed cashews!

As a heads up, while you can use either sauce in this recipe, they don’t really swap 1 to 1. Jeow is a lot more potent, so adjustments should be made:

For Honey Jeow Glazed Cashews, use 1 Tbsp of sauce for a mild taste, kind of in the realm of sweet thai chili sauce. It has a bit of heat that builds, but won’t scare anyone. 2 Tbsp makes quite a hot glaze, while 3 … would be a bit much.

For Honey Sriracha Glazed Cashews, I generally use 3 Tbsp of sauce in the glaze. It’s not “burn your face off” hot – definitely not enough to prevent someone from snarfing the whole batch in a sitting – but has some kick. Use a bit more if you want serious fire, a bit less if you want it mild. 1 Tbsp wouldn’t really be enough to bother with, IMHO.

Either way, these are super addictive: Sweet with a nice crunch, and almost too easy to make.

To get your own jar of Jeow, you’ll have to message the company on any of their social media accounts: Instagram, or Facebook, and they’ll give you details on shipping.

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Honey Jeow Glazed Cashews

Honey Jeow Glazed Cashews

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