Easy Smooth Hummus Recipe

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Easy, Smooth Hummus Recipe

I know, if you’ve made hummus before, you’re probably thinking that “easy” and “smooth” probably can’t apply to the same recipe. Either it’s easy and not smooth – canned, dumped into a food processor – or it’s NOT easy, but smooth – peeling the chickpeas, maybe even soaking and cooking dried ones along with the peeling!

I’ve been sitting on this recipe for over 7 years now… whoops. Have been meaning to blog it the whole time, just kept getting distracted.

Back in the early days of my gluten free cooking, I ended up buying a fair amount of garbanzo bean flour. I very quickly decided that the only thing I really liked it for was battering / deep frying… which I don’t do a ton of. I had a lot of chickpea flour, and not much to do with it!

One night, I was making hummus as I normally do – from canned beans. I’ve never really been happy with the texture with that method, but hey – it’s quick, easy, and provides instant gratification.

I was thinking about how nice it would be to make a smooth hummus, and thought of that flour. I wondered if it would be possible to reconstitute the flour – finely ground beans – with hot water, to create a smooth hummus.

It worked beautifully, and it’s been pretty much the only way I’ve made hummus, since. Sorry for holding out on you all this time!


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Easy, Smooth Hummus Recipe

Easy, Smooth Hummus Recipe

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