Rosemary Peach Balsamic Scones

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Our produce basket this week contained peaches, which ended up resulting in these Rosemary Peach Balsamic Scones.

We never know what’s coming in our Produce Express Retail Box, until we pick it up every Friday. It’s a lot of fun to make bets with each other on what we’ll see, and to come up with a plan on what we’ll be eating for the week, as we’re washing and sorting everything. We signed up for these boxes as a way to avoid grocery stores for the foreseeable future, but who knows – we may keep doing it even after things safely return to normal.

Anyway, as with most of my recipes, this one took a bit of a roundabout trip to fruition. At first I was thinking I’d dehydrate the peaches, but then I started leaning towards muffins. I’ve done a LOT of muffins in the last while, but I haven’t made scones since… probably since we were shooting Maize Craze: Spectacular Sweet Corn Recipes, so it’s been a while. Peach scones led to brainstorming on what herb or spice I should add to punch it up a bit, and balsamic vinegar was added at the last possible minute.

It came together as a scone that’s both sweet – but not overly sweet – and savoury. The fruity peach and herbal rosemary flavours work so well together, while the bit of tang and richness from the balsamic vinegar just really caps it off and ties it all together. The texture is great – crusty on the outside, tender on the inside.

They’re easy to make, but sure to impress!

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Rosemary Peach Balsamic Scones

Rosemary Peach Balsamic Scones

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