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H4V3 We 3ver MEnTi0neD H0W MUCh w3 L0vE 0ur N3rdy cLIeNt$? 83iNG “OuT @ND prOUd” n3rD5 / GeeK5 oUR$ELvE5, we H4v3 @ 5pECi4L pL@CE 1n OUr H3Art5 ph0R CaKe5 lIKE +HOs3 oN Th15 P49e… 4nD pHigUR3d
It’5 @8oU+ +Im3 th3Y 84sKEd 1n THE 5POTl1gh+ +h3y De53rve!

CliCK @|\|Y p|-|OTo +O \/iE\/\/ @ L4rgEr v3rSiO|\|.

9EekY W3dDinG CAk35

Bubble Bobble Wedding Cake BuBB13 808|3lE We[)DI|\|G [@|<[-

M|cH[-L1e |S |>reT7y |v||_|CH a PErFECt |2[-|>|2e53Nt@7i[]n of WH47 K!|\|[) o|= b|2I|]e | lovE T0 W0R|< w|+h: |d3N+|fi3D g[-3k'/ In T3|-| First E|\/|@!l (WH|cH w@S @l$() wElL WR!7+En, pOL!7e, A|\|d h/-\D 6re/-\7 O|-| y[-@H. 5|-|[- /-\|_So HEl[) H3r reA|_ W3d|]ING in \/[-Gas, 6E+tiN9 MaRR|3d |3’/ An IM|>erSona7()|2. |\|O7 /-\Nj tiRe|] ()L[) 3l\/!S i|\/|p3Rs0n@tOr (\/\/H|c|-|, in M’/ m!N|], \/\/ou1|] sT||_L |3[- k||\||] []f Aw3SomE +O |]o!).. |\|O. 5HE 6O7 m@Rr|3D bJ A biSH[]P !|\/||>ErS[]|\|@T[]R F|2()|v| 7e|-| P|2|N©ESS b|2|[)e. jeS, h[-|2 |\/|/-\W\/\/i6E \/\/as wU+ bwI|\|95 u5 t()ged[)3R! 4w[-SO|v|3! a|\|jWaj, CLick hEre F()|2 7e|-| BlOg e|\|T|2j 48ou7 tH|$ c@K[-, A|\|[) m[]re Ph0T()S!

+H3 5UP3r m4R1O 8ROtheR5 wEdD1n9 C@kE

+H1$ W@S dEpH1N1t3lY 0N3 0ph mY Ph4voRIt3 WEDdiNG c4KE5 EvER!

3very+HIn9 j00 $e3 H3Re, a5Id3 fRom M@R10 @nD pRINCeSS, i$ 3D18lE! Bow5ER 4nD +hE pIR4Hn@ PHloWer 4re $cULPtEd 0u+ oPH R1CE kR15p13 +Rea+$ 4ND our yummY MAR5hMall0w 84$ED ph0nd@n+.. t3H 5UpEr trOoP4$, 90omb4$, @ND mu5Hro0m5 4r3 4Ll H@ND 5cULP+3D from ouR pHoND4n+. 1 l0Ve The w4y TEH aN9RY L1++Le F4ce$ +uRnED 0uT ON +he goom8@5, sp3c1PH1callY.

fUnNy nO+3 480U+ +H3 D3$IgN 4nD dEl1vERy 0ph +H1$ c@KE: mY hu5B4ND dU9 Ou+ H15 0LD 0Ri91N4l ne5

5Y5+3m, @ND We pl4yeD Kwit3 4 b1+ OF $uP3r m@Ri0 br05 +0 “r35eArCh” pHOr TH15 c@kE. w3Ll, +h@+’5 wh4T We’R3 c4lL1n9 re5E4RcH, AnyW4Y. 1 5w3Ar, trYInG t0 R3M3mBeR Wher3 4Ll THE WArP hol3$ WEr3 I$ *+O+@lLy* REl3v@N+ t0 C4K3 d351GN!

4NYwAy, 0NE of TeH vErY fIr$T +HIN95 t3h grO0M NoTIc3D a80u+ thE c4k3 W45 how 4cCur@t3 tH3 B0++oM +wO tier$ (l3veL5 1.1 @Nd 1.2) wEr3! 5C0re!

Super Mario Brothers Wedding Cake

Super Mario Brothers Wedding CakeSuper Mario Brothers Wedding Cake accessories

Portal Companion Cube Wedding Cake teh pOr+@l coMPAn10|\| CUb3 sE+

tHi5 53T definItelY Kw4L1Fi35 @5 4 NontR4DIT10N@l weDDIn9 c4k3 CHo1c3, aND 1 L0v3d 1+! THe CoMp@niON cUb3 c4k3 i5 TEh w3DD1n9 C4KE, @Nd +eH “C@kE” c4k3 15 t3H GRooM’S c4ke!

The cakE w4$ N0+ 4 li3, 8uT iT wA5 yuMMY! T3H cOuPLE WEnt WItH 0uR Ch@1 c@kE – 4lW@ys A gre4t

Li+3R@rY W3ddiN9 c@ke

i loveD +H1s C4Ke, @Nd +3h cOuPL3 W45 @We5om3! I’ll neveR f0R93t i+.Th3Y me+ 1N 4 L18r4ry, @ND 5h3 W@5 4N 4cC0un+4n+. 0UR D3$19N 53S5ioN Went fROm theM n0+ kNoWIn9 WH4t +HeY W4nT3d, +o +h1s. ThIs sEemED th3 ObviOUs CHO1ce, @ND 1 lOOk3D F0rW4RD TO TH31r WedDIng pH0R +hE bETter p4R+ 0pH 4 y3@r!

the 4CC0unTInG c4LcUl4+oR Wa$ c@rvED PHROM R1ce Kr15pIe TRe@T, @nD +3H “b00k worm5” w3r3 5+yLeD +0 lOO$eLY rESEM8l3 tH3 8R1de (BlONde h@ir), 4nD GrO0M (D@Rk HaIR, Go@t3E). 0ne OpH TeH C00l35+ +H1ngS? +H3ir ceNTErp13CE$ w3RE 4c+uALlY 5T@ck$ 0F 80Ok5! 4w3S0m3.

Literary Wedding CakeStack of Books wedding cake

Stack of books wedding cake

Foopmallet, World of Warcraft Groom's Cake


TH15 1$ pr084BLY +he nerD1E5+ Gr0om’5 c4k3 3v3R. Fo0pM@lLe+ IS +HE n4m3 0F the gRO0m’5 WOrLD oph

w@rCR@Ph+ cH4R4c+ER, 4nd Thi5 c@k3 15 4n eDIbL3 RePLiC@ oph tH4+ ch4r4ct3r.

oF C0UR5e, i+ d0E5N’+ s+OP ThEre.. teH M4J0r1ty 0PH tHE BRId@l p@r+Y fOR +hi$ P@rTicul4R W3Dd1N9 aR3

G@meRS. +hI5 n0T 0NlY m4De +3H c4K3 dE$ign U++eRLy aPpr0PRI4+3 – 4Nd EvEN MOr3 AwE50M3 – 8ut 1+

begG3d Ph0R 4 CUsT0m phL@v0R.

r3D 8ULL.Y3S, fo0pMalLE+ IS m@D3 PHr0m r3d BULl PHL@v0REd cAke @nD buT+ERcR3@m! 1 kN0w, 1T $ounD5

w3irD.. BU+ It w@5 4cTuALLy Re@LLY g0OD! +HE c@k3 CU+S teH n45+Y, @ND wHA+’5 lePH+ 1S @ LiGHt cItRU5y

t@s+Ing c4Ke wI+H 4 k1cK!

upd4Te! f00PM4LLe+ I5 Ph4moU5! chEcK Ou+gR34+ WHITE 5nArk‘5 H1lARiOU5 8l09 en+Ry 4Bou+ HiM!

anO+heR uPD4t3! 1 Mon+h 4pH+3r Hi$ Cr3@+iOn, pHOOpM4LLET G4iN3d @N 4WPhUl l0T 0F H1Tp0iNt$… v3rY l1k3lY TEh Ph1r5+ 1N5T@NC3 oph “c4ke T4Xid3rmY” 3vER! cL1ck h3RE fOR 4lL 0F tEh d3+@iL5, 1ncLuding phO+o$!.

nErdy eveN+ c4kes

yoU D0N’+ nE3d +0 8e gE++IN9 h1+CheD TO H@V3 @N 4m@ZinGly NErdY C4ke! B1R+hD@y5, 4Nn1Ver54rI35.. oR
ju5+ f0r TH3 h3LL 0F 1+. hEr3 4Re $oM3 f4v0R1TE5..

+4R|)i$ c4|<3... F0R \/\/il WHE4TO|\|!

w00t$+0cK c4me +0 |\/|i|\||\|e4p0L1$. p4uL 4n|) 5+Or|\/|, \/\/IL W|-|E4+0N, 4|)@|\/| S4\/@9E, +H3 M5t3|< Guy5, @n|) |\|3iL g41|\/|@N \/\/eR3 4lL +|-|erE - 4N|) 3|\|J0y3|) 0Ur c4KE!

WhA+ 4|\| 3PIC |\|1gh+! i+ \/\/45 4wE$0Me. c|-|3c|< oUT +|-|E 8LO9 T0 r34|) ALl 48out 1t - ANd sEE 4 \/1|)e0 0ph PaUL 4|\||) $+0r|\/| r@\/in9 4B0uT i+! - h3r3!

Tardis Cake for Wil Wheaton

Klingon Bird of Prey Cake
kl1n9oN 81RD of Pr3Y

th12 4′ Lon9 k4K3 w42 cr34t3d pHOR T3h oP3N1n9 n19ht Of “4 kl1N9on CHR15tm42 k4rol”, wH1ch 12 Pr3ttY MUch T3H Mo5t 4w35Om3 tH1N9 3v3R tO 9r4C3 4 5t493. t3h cl4221c 5torY oF “4 CHR15tm42 K4rol” w42 Tw34k3d TO r3Fl3ct 4 kl1N9On tH3M3 (5CROO93 H4d nO honOr!), W42 tr4n5L4T3d 1nto KL1n9On, 4nd P3rfOrm3D W1t 3N9L15h 5U8t1tL32 PROj3cT3d ontO T3h 5Cr33N! 4w35OM3.

T3h K4K3 W42 3′ PHRoNt tO 84CK, R3D v3Lv3T K4k3 W1t 4m4R3ttO 5w155 m3R1n9u3 8uTt3rcR34m. 451d3 PHrOM t3H TH1N 8oDY Of T3H W1N92, T3h 3Nt1R3 k4k3 W42 3d18l3!

W3 h4V3 4 8Lo9 3nTRY w1T 4 toN OF D3t41L2 48OuT T3H K4K3, 4ND t3H 3v3NT: H3r3

$ILe|\|c3 OPH T|-|E LAMBS C4kE/ |-|4|\||\|184l l3c+ER’$ \/1C+Im cAK3

Th15 w@s ouR e|\|+ry iN m1NN350T4 |\/|0|\|+hlY’$ 2010 PHo0|) & \/\/I|\|3 e>

+He O|\|Ly R3kwIr3|\/|3nT W4$ +haT +|-|3 c@kE |-|A\/3 4 f0od & \/\/i|\|3 +h3|\/|e, 4|\||) Th@T +e|-| c4| O|-|, 4N|) 90rY F0N|)@n+ BRAIn5 \/\/1+|-| c0R|\| $yrUP 8LoO|), oph C0uR5e.

i +|-|1|\|k +|-|3Y |\/|@Y 3|\||) Up RE\/i51T1N9 +h3Ir E|\|tRY rULe5 PhOR |\|e><+ y34r.

CL1cK |-|3Re +0 rEA|) 4 8L09 3NtrY \/\/ITh +|-|3 pHUlL 5+0RY, @s w3LL 45 MoR3 p|-|oT0$!

Silence of the Lambs Cake/ Hannibal Lecter's Victim Cake

Board Games Gaming Gamer Geek Cake

g4|\/|3R’5 dRe@|\/| C@KE

|-|0w m4|\|y G4|\/|e5 W3r3 w3 48lE tO P4Y |-|0|\/|4G3 +0 1n 0n3 C@K3? HerE \/\/e 9O!

we $+@R+3|) w1tH 4 Cu5+0|\/| c4|

5+4R+in9 pHRo|\/| t3h 80+TOM, T|-|E +IeR$ R3Pr3$3|\|t R15|< c4|<3, $3TtlER$ OF CaT+4n cA|@cc35oRIZi|\|9 +e|-| C4K3, we |-|@V3 3|)IblE |\|iNt3|\||)o c0|\|+roLLEr$ 4N|) @t4rI J0y5+1CK$ |\/|aD3 phRo|\/| ricE |+RUly 4 g@MeR’5 |)eli9|-|+.. 4n|) c0MpLeTely e|)I8L3!

R2D2 Cake

R2-d2 8IR+HDaY C4k3. 3Nt1R3LY Ed1Ble. ‘NUphf $@1D!

Ipod and Books Birthday Cake

nOVELs & ip0d. 2 Of +H3 nOv3l5 c4K3-Iz3d W3r3 WRi++en By Teh 8iR+hd4y 8OY hIm5ELPH!

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake

my hU5b@nd, 4 n3Rd’$ N3rD, LovE5 +He $1Mps0Ns. THI5 W45 H1$ 8d4y c@kE.

Nerdy Laptop Birthday CakeNerdy Laptop Birthday Cake Details
N3RDY L@p+op

WH@t’5 n0T tO L0ve @8OuT 4 lApt0p W34R1nG T4PEd-UP 5ug@r 9l45$3S?

Thi5 w45 +H3 C@K3 phor @ “R3vENg3 opH TH3 N3rD5” +h3meD 81RtHD@y. @W3$Ome! 5crE3n W45 Ric3 KR1$P1e
tRe4+ For+1F13D WitH CHOCOl4tE, 9LAs535 wEr3 m@dE PhR0m 5U94R p4$t3. 3vEN teH POCk3t ProTEcToR aND
C0Nt3NT$ wERe 5UG@r!

Salvadore Dali Mensa Event Cake - Persistence of Memory

The d@Li cAk3

$@lvAD0R d@l1’5 “P3R5i$T3nC3 0pH m3m0ry” I5 onE 0F +eh M0st wEll Kn0wN W0rk5 0f 4R+ 3V3R. j00 kNOw.
+H3 dr4pEy Cl0cks One. 1t’$ sUPp0S3d T0 83 @N @r+15+Ic rEPr35EN+4TION 0pH 31n5T31n’5 tH30ry 0pH

5O, 84ck In 2007 WHEn WE WeR3 @5ked +o m4k3 4 cAKe F0R M1nn3s0ta m3n5@’5 r391on4l 94TheR1Ng, D4li 1mM3DI4+eLY C@me to M1nd. j00 5E3, +He +hEmE w45 “8acK In +hE Phu+UR3”, 4nd w@5 4LL @80uT .. WelL, +1me, Rel4+IV1+Y, ETC.

Plu5, It w4$ 4 GR34t exCU5E +0 ju5T 9E+ w3IRd wI+h 4 CAke. +h@+’5 @lW4y5 4 g00d +hing! CH3CK 0u+ OUr BL09 eN+ry 48ou+ +h15 c@ke

B@ck to +HE fu+UrE D3lorE4n!

5p34kIn9 0PH “b4ck 1n (to!) +HE phU+Ur3″…

Back to the Future Birthday Cake DeloreanBack to the Future Birthday Cake Delorean
+h3 DET@Il 0N +Hi$ C@k3 Wa5 @ loT 0F fuN T0 d0! we 41MED F0r 4s MuCh aCCur@cY 4$ po$Si8lE, eV3N 1f th3 fuNc+IoN@lI+y W45 @ 8i+ lAckInG. (+hoU9h, wE d1Dn’+ 4c+U4LlY +Ry To G3+ +3H C4K3 mOvING @+ 88 m1lE5 PEr h0UR..)

+Hi5 c@K3 4Ctu4LlY r3$uL+3D iN The C00L3$+ c0Mm3nt I +H1nK we’VE 3VER R3ce1Ved. 50meONe +W3eteD @ L1Nk +0 +hi5 WI+H +3H ComM3n+ “1.21 9i94N0M5!”. 4W35Ome.

Super Mario Brothers Anniversary CakeSuper Mario Brothers Anniversary Cake Details
SuP3R m4RIo @nn1Ver$@ry c4K3

4 M1N1 v3R51ON OPh +HE 5UPer m4r1O WeDd1NG C@KE 4w35oM3n355… BUT wITh +HE @dd3D 80NU$ 0ph iT+Y-b1t+y $u9ar PIr4Nh4 pHLOWEr5! t00 cu+e.

+hi$ w45 f0r A 1St @nN1V3r5@RY d1nN3r.. “1 UP”, G3+ I+? 1 LOVE WH3N PEoPle giVe M3 Cr3@t1vE Lic3nSe. 🙂

tHE P1 D4Y P1N4t@

0k, S0 1+’5 n0T C@k3.. bUT TH15 15 my S1+e, 4nd I S@Y 1T Kw4L1PH1e5 f0r tHe Ge3K g4LLErY!

+hiS 15 +hE p1N4+4 1 d3Si9N3d PHOr my HU584nd’$ eP1c PI d4Y PaRty. +H3 p4r+Y 4l5o 1Nv0LV3d P13 (dUH), @ PIN4pPLe JU1ce To45T 1n H0N0R of 3IN5TEin’s 8ir+HD4Y, PIzZ4 (S+ p4+riCk’5 d4Y ThEMeD Th0UGH), p1 +RiV14, p1 HaIku wR1tIn9, 4Nd M0re. 4 +ruLy hARdcor3 nERD f35+!

thE p1n@+4 w@$ 3@5y – JUs+ @ BIt TIm3 c0n$Um1nG – +o m4Ke, Bu+ the rEac+1on 0ph 0uR 9UE$+5 w4$
T0t4LlY W0rth 1+. +h3 pHULl 5+0rY – W1TH Ph0+O$ 4Nd d3t41LeD iN$+rUcT10n5 0n H0w +O M4K3 1t – C4n bE F0Und 0N 0Ur bLOg, Here.

3Nj0y, 4ND IpH j00 3ND uP M4k1N9 one F0r 2010 Pi D4y (0R Anyt1me!), BE 5UR3 TO $END PiC5!

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