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Earl Grey Pie – Happy Pi Day! (Gluten-Free)

It’s March 14 – 3/14 – and first thing this morning, my husband rolled over and wished me a Happy Pi Day. You know, his favourite “holiday”. Well, first thing that came to mind was a long string of expletives – for the first time since we’ve met (and I’m including the year following the […]

Pi Day is coming – are YOU ready?

I’ve been so caught up in this whole winning the Czar of Cakes business, I was actually sort of caught off guard the other day. Someone had messaged me to say that Think Geek had blogged about our crazy Pi Kitchen Backsplash again. Oh crap, that’s right – Pi day is less than a week […]

Celebrating Pi Day in style. Or something like it.

If you are looking for our epic, “internet famous” Pi Backsplash, check it out here When hubby and I were setting a date for our wedding, he floated the suggestion of pi day. He was completely serious, by the way. While his suggestion got vetoed, it did sort of pave the way for how we’d […]

Happy Pi Day!

Today is Pi Day, aka the biggest nerd fest of our year. My husband is over the moon about this whole deal – have I ever mentioned that I managed to marry the biggest nerd on the planet? Ah well, I love him…so I’ll indulge his, um.. unique eccentricities. Our recent Pi Day Pinata instruction […]

Pi Day Pinata!

This article was posted in 2009. For an update – with more ideas on how to celebrate Pi Day, check out 2010’s entry, here. If you are looking for our epic, “internet famous” Pi Backsplash, check it out here. With Pi Day (March 14) coming up, my husband and I decided to just go crazy […]