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Tornado Recovery Update: Iron River Construction Review

Last night I received a disturbing, unprofessional email from the construction company we hired after the tornado. I’m still not sure if the fact that yesterday was exactly 4 years and six months from the day of the tornado makes the ordeal we’ve been going through even more sad, or if I should laugh about […]

Caturday & Tornado Update

Just a quick post here today, because today is a BIG DAY here in the Porter House! Remember back when the 100+ year old black walnut tree that we had – that we LOVED – was uprooted and destroyed our house in the tornado? As you may recall, by day # 2 of being Tornado […]

“Happy Anniversary” Seems like a Weird Thing to Say… for a Tornado.

Today marks the first anniversary of our tornado, here in North Minneapolis. I am completely overwhelmed with my thoughts, so you’ll have to excuse me if this post is all over the place. This is such a weird time of year for us, with all of the focus on the anniversary. Some coverage is negative, […]

Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir

“Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir” was released on 05/22/12- the first anniversary of the North Minneapolis tornado. Twisted now has its own website. click here to go there!

So… You’ve Been Hit by a Tornado.

Note: I am intentionally NOT including photos in this article, as I know that I sure didn’t want to see such photos right after I went through this. Links point to blog entries that can have photos, however We’re now at just over 9 months since having our own lives turned upside down by the […]