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Know of a blog that has written about Marie, Celebration Generation, or any of our work? Be sure to let us know, we’d be happy to include a link here!

Canadian Living Magazine: “Guest post: Mango Mojito Upside-Down Cake by award-winning cake artist Marie Porter”

Fresh Juice Magazine: How to Carve a Watermelon Maple Leaf Fruit Bowl

PC World Magazine: This Might be the Geekiest Kitchen Ever

MAKE Magazine: Kitchen Backsplash Counts out 159 Digits of Pi

Popular Mechanics: 4 Home-Brewing Mistakes Most Beginners Make (Michael Porter!)

ThinkGeek: Pi Day is Coming

The Huffington Post: Homemade Infused Liquors: Strawberry, Peach, Blueberry And More

Redbook Magazine: 14 Fun, Refreshing “Poptails”

All Parenting: Food Bloggers Share Their Best Apple Recipes

Small Business Online: How Small Businesses Can Better Serve People with Disabilities

Cake Wrecks: “Sunday Sweets: Eastern Elegance”

Wil Wheaton: “w00tstock chicago and w00tstock minneapolis”

Rachael Ray: Eat + Run : Wedding Cakes

Virginia Department of Alcohol and Beverage Control: “Holiday Cooking with Spirits”

City Pages:
– “Marie Porter takes the (wedding) cake”
– “Wil Wheaton beams down to Minneapolis for Wootstock”
– “Minnesotans Invade MasterChef Season Four”

Dara & Co:
“Silence of the Lambs Cake & Big Stakes At the Chef Challenge!”
“Best Food & Wine Experience Ever?!”

Roots & Zest by Virginia Corbett:
“w00tstock. Three (five) hours of geeks and music (and food).”

Ben Starr: How to Watch a MasterChef Premiere… from a MasterChef Survivor”

Shawn Bakken

“Next on FOX: Two Chefs and a Douche”
“Joey Coattails is [Cut, paste] a great guy!
“A Odd Choice of Footage from MasterChef”

A Truth Be Shown: “Attention Twin Cities Brides: Wedding Cake Overlord on the Loose!”

Think Lynsen: “Want some recipes?”

Orlando Magazine: “Human Error, It’s Icing on Her Cake”. (Article about Cake Wrecks blogger Jen Yates – also appeared in the print edition)

Nerd Bastards: “Nerd Cake Of The Week: TREMORS”

The Syddie Girl: “Spreading the Holiday Joy”

The Introverted Wife: “A Very Boozy Unbirthday”

Three Baking Sheets to the Wind: Candy is Dandy

Kadbury is… Thinking out Loud: Cake Decorating or Something Like it

Ramblings of a Slightly Crazed No-One: “I’m a Spirited Baker”

Great White Snark:

“My Super Mario Bros Cake Is Better Than Yours [Geeky Cake]”

“Nice Try #437, Star Trek: Klingon Bird of Prey Cake [Geeky Cake]”
“Red Bull-Flavored World of Warcraft Cake Tempts Gamer Away from PC Long Enough to Get Married – Geeky Cake of the Week”
“Kevin Bacontastic: Tremors Cake [Geeky Cake]”
“Another Sweet Plug: The Spirited Baker”
“Skepchick Quickies: Christmas at the Porter House”

The Geek Life (podcast): “Episode 59 – W00tstock” “NerdSalad Review: Celebration Generation’s Caffeinated Sweets”

Starcasm: Stephanie Link of The Glass House resolve strengthened after tragic loss of husband

A Closer Look at Flyover Land: “Do a local cookbook author a solid”

Energy Fiend: “Caffeinated Magic Brownies: Can We All Say Yum!”

Baltimore Snacker: “When Geeky Meets Cakey”


Mutineer Magazine: “Fine Beverage Recipe: Beer Jalapeno Brittle”

Geeky Clean: The Cake that made Wheaton cry (not really, but it’s a good title)”

Oddity Central: “Deliciously Creepy Victim Of Hannibal Lecter Cake”

The Wedding Marketing Blog: “How a Twitter background can tell a big story” “New Finds: Chai Shortbread Cookie Mix” (Discontinued)

SheKnows: “15 Food products that make Mom’s life easier”

Wonderful Day Weddings: “Vendor Spotlight – Celebration Generation”

Pure Noumena: “’And then a tree went through our bedroom wall…’– Marie Porter”

L’Etoile Magazine:
“Kiss me Cake” Spring fashion editorial

“Sponsor a Klingon”
“Klingons Crash the Red Carpet”

“Local Cake Decorator Impresses Wesley Crusher”

Shine (Yahoo): “I Do: 4 innovative wedding cake flavors”

Gadget Heat: “Back to the Future Delorean Cake”

Pink Roses Cakes: “Celebration Generation – Evil Cake Overlord is a Must Read” (UK)

God mad og søde sager: Chicken Shahi Korma med Papadums (Denmark)

Curiosidades Gastronomicas: “Pastel de película” (Mexico)

Angel’s Weddings: “Cakes I love” (South Africa)

Obsessive Cuteness: “Coola tårtor!” (Sweden)

YouPix: “QUEM COMEU O MARIO?” (Brazil)

Retropoly: “Mario Hochzeitstorte” (Germany)

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