Celebration Generation in Wedding Cakes Mag – 7th Time!

Check us out in the next issue of Wedding Cakes magazine! Our 7th inclusion – I think they like us!

Haven’t seen it yet, so we’re not sure which cake(s) made it in, but.. awesome!

Letting the cat outta the bag!

Ok, we’ve known about this since December, and let me tell you – keeping our mouths shut (and fingers off the keyboard!) has been incredibly difficult!

Back in January, you may have seen our tweets about sending our Chai cake to New York City for a *big* magazine photo shoot. We’ve been pretty silent about which magazine, but just received word that subscribers have received their issues… So…

Check it out…




Are you ready for this? (more…)

Star Awards: Didn’t win…. BUT..

So if you follow us on twitter, you know the news already – we did not win the ISES Minnesota Star Awards. Ah well, kinda figured as much – such an odd category, “best use of food”… a single cake up against entire themed spreads of food was a long shot at best. I digress…

Anyway, photos and video will be coming in the next few days, along with a more proper blog about it all (you know, one I’m not banging out at 12:30 am as my feet feel like they’re gonna fall off!)… but I do want to share something. Well, two things actually. Two little events tonight that MADE MY DAY, and totally eclipsed the whole “losing” thing.


HUGE announcement!

If you follow us on Twitter, you’ve come to know a few things in the past 24 hours:

1. We’re nominated for an ISES Star award! (Events industry, a BIG deal!)

2. Not only that, the nomination is based on our 4′ long Klingon Bird of Prey cake, which we made back in November for Commedia Beauregard Theatre‘s production of A Klingon Christmas Carol.

3. Given that having the opportunity to make such a cake was so ridiculously epic.. actually getting nominated for a big fancy MAINSTREAM industry award for it is completely once-in-a-lifetime!

4. This is a fancypants red carpet kind of event, which means it needs.. Klingons.

Yes, we’ve always been the types of people to live life to it’s absolute fullest, and the idea of having a Klingon entourage at such an event went from “wouldn’t it be awesome if..” to “We HAVE to make this happen!” in a very short amount of time. We don’t have any spare budget for the $300 in tickets that this would require, so we put out a plea to our friends, fans, and followers. To anyone who finds this idea to be full of win, who would be willing to chip in a few bucks to make it so.

The nerd/geek/gaming community has been awesome, and – to date – we’ve raised enough money to buy 2 of the 4 tickets! Thank you SO much to Commedia Beauregard, Kris A Spiesz, Damon Johnson, Margaret Cooper, Shannon Bergeron, & Nik Wachter for their donations! We truly appreciate your generosity, and it tickles us to no end that there are other people out there that agree – this is a great idea!

Well, I’ve got friends in AWESOME places… and I am SO excited to announce that our friends over at the most RIDICULOUSLY awesome company ever (IMHO!*), Thinkgeek.com have offered to lend their support to our quest!


Yes, all caps are obnoxious.. but I really think that statement required it. I am BLOWN AWAY by the generosity! Thinkgeek.. man I love you guys. BIG box of goodies coming your way as soon as I have some time to concoct some funky new experiments for ya!

Those who have already donated will also be entered in the draw. Donations must be received prior to March 22, 2010 – OR before we reach our $300 goal, whichever comes first. Click here to visit our sponsor page, which has all of the details, and a link to donate.

Thank you, everyone, so very much for your support! We were thrilled to be nominated in the first place, and now that it looks like we really will be able to have an entourage of Klingons with us.. just wow. I’m blown away by the generosity and support of the community! As a nerd (me!) and a geek (my husband/Chief Engineering Officer), we are thrilled, honored, and humbled. Represent!!

* I’m not being biased. Although ThinkGeek has been a ton of fun not only to shop from and work with, with regards to our Brownie Mix… they also put THIS video out recently. So completely full of win that there really isn’t anything I can – or need to – say about it! Although I will say, it kinda makes me wanna drop everything, drive out east, and show up on their doorstep, begging for a job with them!

Clarice – have the lambs stopped screaming?

So here it is! Tonight, we delivered our entry for the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience – the Czar of Cakes Challenge.

Bit of a spoiler – it’s not getting judged till Saturday, but I’m confident in declaring that we’re all getting our asses handed to us by Gateaux. Seriously. I’d recently heard a rumor that Robin from Gateaux had sold her soul to the devil. DEFINITELY starting to believe that one. (Though, when I asked her about it, she did tell me that the devil actually sold HIS soul to HER… that may explain MORE!).

Anyway, I HAVE to post photos! It’s been killing me to keep my theme and pics all hush-hush before the competition.

So, here’s the deal. In the course of our brainstorming: “What are our favorite foods?” “What would make a kick ass cake?” “What would be funny/different?”, etc.. we got slightly off track and thought maybe to look to other media for inspiration, rather than just restaurants and grocery stores. Any songs that feature a food theme? How about movies?

Well, at the suggestion of food related movies, one of us popped off a quote about Liver, fava beans, and a nice Chianti (there may have been alcohol involved in this brainstorming session).. and AWAY WE WERE. An idea that we were virtually GUARANTEED that no one else would think of, much less actually use: A Silence of the Lambs Cake

Like I mentioned in my latest blog entry, I honestly did float a few other ideas by a WHOLE BUNCH of people, a little part of me thinking I should probably be talked down from this idea. Nope. Bunch of enablers! Love em!

So, I set about working on all the fussy little details.. a bottle of Chianti (in the traditional style bottle!).. sugar “death’s head” moths, painted in cocoa… liver & fava beans out of fondant.. a fondant “radish rose” and sugarpaste sprig of basil for garnish… a fondant plate, gumpaste cutlery (all airbrushed with edible metallic silver luster!).. Hannibal Lecter’s mask.. and a brain. Muahaha!

(Editted to add – Been asked about the size a few times. The “man” is actually life sized, everything else is also “real” sized. The moths are about 5″ across, the cutlery all proper sized.. it was a monster of a cake!)
I will shut up and post photos now!

Obviously not a traditional interpretation of a “Food and Wine” themed cake, but hey.. Looking forward to seeing what the audience and judges’ reactions will be!

Czar of Cakes Challenge, or “I gotta be me!”

Back in my figure skating days, I learned an important lesson: “When you’re going into a competition where you know you have no chance of winning/placing, just be yourself, have a bunch of fun, maybe do something crazy.. and no matter where you place, you lose nothing”.

It was that kind of thinking that was behind my Tremors themed wedding cake, for the Chocolate Show competition. The theme was animals, I’d been looking for an excuse to make a Tremors cake… grabboids are animals, right? 🙂

Anyway, if you follow me on twitter or are friends/fans on Facebook, you know that I’ve been preparing for the “Czar of Cakes” Challenge at the Minnesota Monthly Food & Wine Experience. The competition involves 6 local cake companies: Celebration Generation, Muddy Paws, Gateaux, Jessica’s Cakes, Queen of Cakes, and .. that other one. Only real rule is that the cakes have to be food / wine themed.


New Cake Idea – AKA “I love Twitter”!

I love Twitter. It’s been great for networking, meeting people, exchanging ideas, and even just getting silly with fellow vendors. Every once in awhile, a gem comes through that I consider posting on this blog.

Then I get ADD and forget about it.

I received the BEST request on Twitter the other day, and had to share:

From @chebutykin: Hey @Celebr8nGenr8n , if I decide to host a end-of-the-world party in 2012, would you create a Aztec temple/human sacrifice cake for me?

Oh hell yes!! Kinda sucks that 2012 is so far away, this is exactly the kind of cake / event I can totally geek out over. My next “Klingon Bird of Prey” type of epic awesomeness. Yes!

@chebutykin received a response from one of her followers almost immediately, and it made me smile:

From @dmann11 : @chebutykin please…dear god, let her say YES. Also related: Stealing the idea.

I love twitter!

Celebration Generation in Wedding Cakes Mag – 6th time!

Check us out in the next issue of Wedding Cakes magazine! Our 6th inclusion – I think they like us!

Haven’t seen it yet, so we’re not sure which cake(s) made it in, but.. cool!

“You know what would be awesome..?” #5

When I was a young girl, one of my FAVORITE movies of all time was “Day of the Triffids”. Well, it was a BBC Mini Series… close enough! Anyway, I loved it. Loved it! I’d make triffid themed jewelry for myself (both paper and “friendly plastic” versions).. a paper mache.. erm, not sure what I’d call it. “Desktop Sculpture”, for lack of a better term? Paper cutout door decorations.. yeah, again.. I was a weird kid.

As an adult, through the wonder of Netflix, I was able to rent a different version of the movie… only to be sorely disappointed. (1962 version). My husband had never seen Triffids, and I’m sure he thought I was totally off my rocker when he watched it. Some day, I thought, we’ll get our hands on the version I liked as a kid.

Anyway, I *just* found out that the BBC has remade Day of the Triffids. (I read about it Here.)

First thought: *shrieking like an excited little girl*

Second thought: “Wait. Look what happened when “V” (another childhood favorite) got remade. Don’t get excited, this could be utter crap”.

So, hopefully I’m not getting prematurely excited about this, but I put WAY more confidence in the BBC (who did the version I liked in the first place), than the yahoos that remade V…

… and the clip looks AWESOME! Oh my lord! Could it actually turn out BETTER than the one I adored as a child? MAYBE! So exciting! I’m really happy that they redid the catalyst of the widespread blindness, also. Anyway, let me digress, before this just degrades into random, incoherent fangirling.

I would looove to do a Triffids themed wedding cake. Do I think anyone will ever hire me for one? Probably not. However, Triffids are plants (Flowers, even?)… and that opens up the possibilities for doing one as a contest showpiece. THAT would be awesome!

The Value of Believing in Yourself

In the wedding / event industry – and really, just small business in general – there are many times when you have to fill out questionnaires about yourself and your business. Whether it’s for an interview, a profile on a website, or even just for a bio on your own website.. you really find yourself answering the same few questions repeatedly. You know, “How long have you been in the business?”, “How did you get your start in the business?” etc.


Well, early this morning I was filling out another such questionnaire, and was pleasantly surprised by a question I’d never been asked before: “Is there a book, person, or story that comes to mind which has had a strong impact on your career?”. Wow! I like it!