We are running a Kickstarter campaign, and would love to have your support!

I launched a Kickstarter for my next cookbook, a desserts-only sequel to Beyond Flour! The link is here: Beyond Flour 2: Just (Gluten-Free!) Desserts.

SO check it out, consider funding it if you're interested, and please (pretty please, with a cherry on top, even!) share the link with anyone you think may be interested! Friends, coworkers, social media, any GF groups you may be in... I appreciate any help you can throw my way. Thanks in advance!

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Costuming & Cosplay Tutorial : Maleficent’s Staff

Remember the Maleficent Costume I made for one of my two Convergence masquerade entry this year? It’s since become our MOST asked about costume, with an insane amount of emails about it. It was a huge project, my first collaborative masquerade entry, and – I’m SO proud to say! – is apparently the most accurate […]

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How to Make Thranduil’s Elven King Crown (Costume Tutorial)

Almost a year ago, I decided to dress my husband up as Thranduil for the premiere of Desolation of Smaug. It’s definitely become one of my favourite costumes of his, and seems to be super popular with the internet – I’ve gotten more emails about this costume than all other costumes, combined. It’s also the […]

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Craft – How to Sew a Cute Toiletry / Makeup Bag Travel Set

Back in the beginning of May, I posted a very long, very detailed post of the various ways that I trained and prepared to compete on MasterChef. While we all know how THAT went, I did walk out of the experience with a bunch of awesome new friends… and the super cute toiletry set I’d […]

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Sushi Cake – Happy Birthday to ME!

Between all of the MasterChef stuff and racing to get our Weeping Angel costumes ready for BritCon this weekend, life’s been kind of nuts. Well, not kind of… it’s been really insane. When our bodies revolted on Sunday morning and prompted us to forgo Sunday at BritCon in favor of recovery time, the sudden clearing […]

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Wedding Stationery Inspiration – Florida Keys

Now that “engagement season” is over, I’d like to pause the food talk to bring you a little wedding inspiration. When our friend Lisa got married in late 2011, we were floored by her invitations. Wedding stationery can be so.. stationary. Some of the invite catalogs out there are hawking the same designs they sold […]

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