Booze Bouquet Tutorial

As you may know, my husband and I are not really Valentine’s Day people. We don’t really have any need for the traditional V Day gifts (and I am SO not a jewelry person!), it ends up feeling pretty contrived, so we usually just hang out and chill. Of course, external pressures usually have us checking in with each other every year, with “do you WANT to do anything…?

It always feels like we *should*. This year, we decided that we’ll be brewing a small batch of a red, “Valentine’s Day” wine or mead. I think we’re leaning towards a sweet raspberry mead. Anyway, I digress…

Last night we were eating dinner and discussing the various funny stuff we’d seen on the net, when I mentioned a booze bouquet I’d seen on Pinterest. The person had affixed mini booze bottles onto sticks, and made a little bouquet of it.

As we’d recently been reminiscing on how much fun we’d had doing V-day ceramic mugs for each other a few years back, the idea of making booze bouquets for each other came up. Like many of our crazy ideas, it went from “wouldn’t it be fun…” to DONE in no time flat!

We headed to a craft supply store to pick up all kind of crazy Valentine’s Day craft stuff on clearance. Neither one of us really knew what we were planning to do as we poured over ever manner of red, pink, and sparkly V Day nonsense, discussing ideas, and ultimately purchasing our respective supplies. After that, we went to our favorite liquor store, and each bought a dozen mini bottles for each other, each not letting the other see the surprise selections.

The whole time – and on the way home – we excitedly talked about our ideas and plans, actually looking *forward* to our little V Day celebration. Neither of us could WAIT to get home and dig into the craft supplies, and seeing what we could come up with.

We had a blast. Weird crafty projects with my husband are always a ton of fun (Pi Day Pi-natas, Chocolate Zombie Easter Bunnies, and epic Pysanky using Crayons, for instance!).

Also? Men + Booze + Craft supplies are a pretty epic combination. Just WAIT til you see what he came up with!

Token pre-Valentine’s Day blog. Awwww :)

I’ll admit it, I’ve long been a Valentine’s Day curmudgeon.

Don’t get me wrong.. I have nothing against love, affection, showing appreciation for those you care about, romance, or whatever. I’m just not big on feeling forced to do anything, or ads that seem to.. well, encourage romance by way of guilt. Jewelry ads that seem to tell guys that they don’t really love their girl if they aren’t willing to express it by buying a “REAL stone” are particularly great for getting some eye-rolling time in! 🙂

Nope, I’ve always preferred the “Do something nice for my hubby, cause he deserves it / he had a rough week / *I* had a rough week / I feel like it / Saw something or had an idea that made me think to / etc way of romancing my hubby.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ya know, I haven’t been married all THAT long – I’m not a cranky old fart yet or anything! – but sometimes I find it kinda hard to get into Valentine’s Day. It just feels so contrived, ya know? I’m not into crappy heart shaped chocolate (I’ve managed to spoil both my husband AND myself in making truffles from scratch!), or fighting to get reservations at overcrowded restaurants.. and truth be told, I don’t even really like roses. Much more of a lilies person, myself!

So this year, feeling like we should “do SOMETHING”, we looked for something new and cool to try to commemorate the occasion, contrived or not. (That sounds so snotty, now that I read it again. I should elaborate.. I’m much more in the “show appreciation and enjoy life with each other year round!” camp, so we do special things together often enough that Vday seems.. sorta weird. Does that make sense?)

I came across some information for a Valentine’s event happening on Feb 13, and jumped on it! It turned out to be the best Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had, so I’d love to share. (more…)