Wedding Reception Music – The Real “Do Not Play” list!

Yesterday, I had a good laugh when The Today Show played a bit of “American Woman” by The Guess Who, as a lead up to a segment on makeovers.

You see, I’ve always had a bit of a pet peeve / fascination with music that’s being used in an inappropriate way. Sometimes it irks me, sometimes it makes me laugh. In the case of American Woman.. it’s not really about a woman, and it’s NOT pro-America. The amount of times I’ve seen it played in the context of being a pro-America patriot song is… well, staggering. Sometimes I have to wonder how many people actually listen to lyrics when choosing songs in that way… much like how “Born in the USA” is also used as pro-America patriotic. You know.. not so much.

A snarky tweet about it ended up snowballing into a discussion on wedding reception music. Anyone planning a wedding has seen many “do not play” song suggestions, usually involving the Chicken Dance. Basically, either annoying music, music that will have annoying consequences (see “Chicken Dance” for both!), or music that the couple just doesn’t like. Well, what about purely inappropriate music? Not necessarily music with colorful language, but songs that have a message that shouldn’t be used at such an event?

I polled my twitter and Facebook friends, and… man, there have been some doozies used! Click though to our compiled list of the Worst Songs to play at a Wedding. (more…)

Wedding Evolution of Dance!

So I’m sure that everyone’s seen Judson Laipply’s “Evolution of Dance”. It’s hilarious. If you, by some weird chance, have not seen it, click here to see it on youtube.

Now, there have been a good handful of couples – at LEAST – who have attempted their own versions of Judson’s act as part of their receptions. This morning, I watched what may just be the BEST version done yet!

Check out the video from Jackie and Nick’s July 30th wedding, via Fine Line Weddings in Pennsylvania:

Doing the running man, to “Ice Ice Baby” – IN A WEDDING GOWN – FTW!

My only criticism? No Cotton Eyed Joe. Seriously. The world needs more Cotton Eyed Joe!

Congrats, Jackie & Nick! You guys were awesome, and you look like you’ll have a fun life together!