Cake as Art: A Rant

Ok, I’m probably going to catch a lot of flack for this, but it needs to be said.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a ton of tweets about Buddy Valastro’s 2000 lb “Transformers” cake, complete with hydraulic system. (click here, if you have no idea what I’m talking about!). At first, I just sort of rolled my eyes. The way cakes have been trending the past few years, there’s definitely been competition to do the biggest, craziest, etc.

After a few dozen mentions on Twitter though, I started to wonder. At what point does “cake art” cease to be CAKE art? (more…)

High End Wedding Cakes and Fresh Floral Design CAN go Hand in Hand!

Last summer, Celebration Generation teamed up with local floral designer Jean Cowles, of Violet’s Flowers to create a series of high end fondant wedding cakes that incorporated fresh florals in the design. The following article and photos were developed into an 8 page article for a floral industry magazine, Flowers &. The article, while written for the benefit of floral designers specifically, could easily be of benefit to brides, floral designers, and cake designers alike.

I realized that I haven’t blogged about wedding stuff in awhile, seemed like a good time to dig this out of the ol’ archives to post 🙂


Coolest wedding rings ever!

So I was perusing twitter the other day, and one of my tweeps posted a link to an Etsy seller called “jewelrybyjohan, who – as it turns out – is fairly local! He’s over in Wisconsin!

This gorgeous ring is inlaid with actual meteorite!

Click here to see the full listing of this amazing ring! Just gorgeous.. and unique!

Click here to see more of Johan’s unique wedding ring creations!!

Gorgeous Wedding Bouquet with… Lego? Awesome.

VERY short and sweet blog entry today!

I just saw a blog entry that Ariela at RBK Creations just posted. Fell in love, had to share!

You may recall RBK Creations from our blog entry, “Far-flung Awesomeness of the Floral & Photography Varieties“. If not, here’s the basic scoop: Met her on Twitter, she’s located in Texas, and she makes the most ridiculously awesome fabric and button wedding florals. Love them! (No, this is not a paid ad or anything!)

Of all the bouquet styles she does, my favorites are the felt ones, especially when there are bright colors involved. I’m a sucker for teal & purple… so when I saw those two colors, in my favorite style.. WITH LEGOS.. I had to post! Isn’t it awesome? Here’s some contact info if you want to revel in her awesomeness more closely – like with your own set!

Twitter: @RBKCreations

Completely Epic Engagement Photography

When you’ve been in the wedding industry as long as I have, it’s easy to start suffering from “been there, done that”. “Been there, SEEN that” is also a frequent occurrence!

My photographer friends are gonna kill me for saying this, but wedding photography is an area that can really suffer from that sentiment. I cannot tell you how thrilled I was when wedding photography started leaning towards the photojournalistic, and away from the stiff, posed, and painfully staged-looking photography that was so popular when I first entered the wedding business. I loved to see photographers and couples relaxing a bit, having fun with it, and taking more chances!

Engagement sessions, however, seem to have a bit of a hard time breaking out of the mold. While I’ve seen some great, warm, personal sessions, I still think that the vast majority of engagement sessions look more like senior portraits, or Sears/Walmart style family pictures. Very formulaic, take the couple to a park, kiss, hold hands, lay in the grass, whatever.

I have photographer friends. My husband did wedding photography before really settling into his niche of food & product photography, so I know how it is. I know that many brides feel that getting that style of photos is what they’re “supposed” to do in this grand ritual of getting married… and sometimes it can be hard to coax a couple out of that thinking. (The same applies to white cake, inside and out.. and cake toppers! LOL!)


Cake Toppers: They don’t have to be as horrible as you think!

This blog entry is going to be a unique one for me – a positive blog entry about something I normally hate!

Yes, I am vehemently, rabidly anti-cake toppers. 99% of the time, I find toppers to look cheesy, cheap, and TOTALLY out of place on a cake. Most of the readily-available toppers in stores all look the same as they did 20 years ago, and they all sort of look the same. Yawn. They go completely against my belief that a wedding should be personalized, and truly reflect the couple.

Aside from the stand-alone cheese factor, the other thing that gets me is that they’re very rarely used in a way that complements the design of the cake. I’ve got almost 20 years of old school design experience, so things like jarring breaks in form, line, color.. it just gets to me.

I prefer toppers to be an extension of the cake design itself, usually made from the same materials. Sugar flowers that are also used throughout the cake design, not just plunked on top, for instance. An unbroken, balanced continuation of the design, seamlessly executed. If such a continuation isn’t possible – for whatever reason – I much prefer to have NO topper, whatsoever.

It IS, however, possible to incorporate a topper into the cake without it being cheesy OR jarring! It takes a little creativity, planning, and a talented cake designer.. but it can definitely work. Here are the two key points to remember:


Far-flung awesomeness of the jewelry variety!

So, I’ve sorely neglected the blog. I’m sorry! This has been the craziest few weeks, and it’s just getting crazier. In the next 3 weeks, I need to finish writing/typesetting/editting my cook book, run the commitment ceremonies at Pride, and get everything ready for a big event we’re attending at the end of June – including making crazy costumes. Yeeeow!

Enough about me, my crazy schedule, and excuses for shirking my blog responsibilities. I have something to post about! It’s geeky, wedding related, AND pretty – that’s pretty much the trifecta of awesomeness around these parts, right? Oh, also reasonably priced and FUN – a quintrifecta? I dunno.

Either way, it’s Twitter that’s responsible for the subject matter of this blog. FSM, how I love Twitter! Always hear about the coolest stuff there, probably because I follow – and am followed by – some of the coolest people ever. Love it!

This is Surly Amy… who is a geektacular artist located in Hollywood, California. You see what she’s about to pack in that gift box? Custom jewelry! Not any of that boring, fairly nondescript beaded jewelry that you see pretty much everywhere these days (which, I admit, can be fun to make… I do it myself from time to time!)… NO! It’s custom sculpted/cut/carved/painted ceramic jewelry! Awesome!

Unique is ALWAYS cool in my books.. but when it’s technically well done, artistic, AND with a nerdy bent? Just awesome. Amy’s business, Surly-ramics, is a purveyor of all of that.


Far-flung awesomeness of the PUMPKIN variety!

You may remember the subject of today’s blog entry from my Valentine’s Day blog entry. Well, I have a really cool update. Also, I SWEAR I make this wedding related by the end of this entry!

From time to time, I blog about stuff that I find cool. It may be what someone did for their Save the Date, it may be a cool product, or an awesomely talented artist. I don’t get asked for those blog entries, I don’t get paid for them. I just blog it because I find it cool, and – assuming you find *me* interesting enough to read my blog – I figure you’ll find it cool too! “Birds of a Feather” and all… 🙂

Alex, the ridiculously gifted artist behind The Pumpkin Geek is one of those insanely talented people I tend to “meet” on Twitter. I can’t remember how I came to follow him, but once I saw his work, I was an immediate fan! If you haven’t seen what he does, be sure to peruse his site – he carves the most intricate, geeky Jack o’Lanterns ever! They’re all from fake pumpkins, so you can treasure the art indefinitely!

Where I’m usually lucky to receive a “hey, thanks!” email (which I totally appreciate!), Alex shocked the SHIT out of me by mailing me a custom carved mini pumpkin – featuring Hugh Jackman as Wolverine – to thank me for the blog!

If you know me at all, you know that I shrieked like a little girl when I found out. I have a big crazy thing for Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Not so much a crush as.. hrm. I don’t know. I find the character oddly relatable in some ways, and inspiring in other ways. That, and seriously.. I’d kill for Hugh Jackman’s delts. I have a BIG poster of him downstairs in my gym for exactly that reason! (more…)

Far-flung Awesomeness of the Floral & Photography Varieties!

I haven’t been shy about my love for Twitter. It’s been great personally AND professionally. I’ve met a ton of awesome people… some virtually, some in person. Great stuff!

A few months ago, I started a collaboration with one of my twitter buds, @RBKCreations, who makes the most amazing bouquets out of felt, fabric, and buttons! I’m a huge fan of incorporating fun, unique touches in weddings, really personalizing them – and these bouquets really speak to me. Well, more like scream “WANT!!!” to me :). Absolutely adore her work.

The fruits of that venture will be blogged about in the next month or two. Her bouquets are such a unique art, I can’t resist giving you guys a sneak peek!


Vendor Spotlight – Violet’s Flowers

You know, I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to have a vendor spotlight on my blog. There are just SO many vendors out there, it’s impossible to meet them all.. and some vendors are just so awesome, they deserve a spotlight!

This vendor spotlight is going to be a bit difficult to write without sounding like a total dork. Ideally, I’d like to give completely unbiased reviews on excellent vendors – but this spotlight is not only on a great vendor, it’s about one of my favorite people in the world.

Ladies and Gentleman, it’s my honor to introduce you to the work of Jean Cowles, from Violet’s Flowers!