Set the World on Fire – Eurodance Mondays

This month has been absolutely insane! Today’s “Eurodance Monday” entry is a song I’ve had in my head all month, as I’ve been working hard on everything.

“I’m gonna set the world on fire, I’ll do anything to get what I want… aim even higher, I’ll do anything to be the one!”

It’s a good tune to have in mind while slaving away producing 2125 lbs of product for a major retailer (more coming soon!), promoting cooking and sewing manuals, sticking labels on hundreds of bags, blogging, planning an upcoming foray into crowd sourcing (Hint: the biggest request I get is on the way to coming to fruition!), AND writing another sewing manual. WHEW!

Yes, caffeine and E-Type is what gets me through!

Have a great week!

Boys of Summer – Eurodance Mondays

Ok, so a couple of weeks ago, the first song that came to mind when thinking of summer songs for Eurodance Monday was “La Playa Del Sol. It was actually the only one that came to mind, it sort of stuck. I knew there were plenty of other songs that fit, I just blanked!

SO, with only 5 days remaining in ACTUAL summer, let’s do another great one – DJ Sammy’s cover of “The Boys of Summer”. I actually heard this one back in the day, thinking it was an original song. I had NO idea that it was a cover… and, now that I’ve heard the original… I guess I’m not surprised. What a difference in style and genre!

Happy last week of summer!

La Playa Del Sol – Eurodance Mondays

So, with today being the last “unofficial” day of summer, I figured I should do something exceptionally summery for the return of “Eurodance Mondays“.

As with many of these, this isn’t actually Eurodance. Whoops. Maybe I should have called it something else… whatever. This suits the spirit of Euro, so… good enough!

When thinking about “Summer” songs, the first thing that came to mind was a mix of two versions of what is essentially the same song: Elissa’s “Summer of Love“, and Estrella’s “La Playa Del Sol”. As I was only able to find an official video for Playa Del Sol, that one won out 🙂

Enjoy the holiday!

Are You Ready For Some More? – Eurodance Monday

Amidst a bunch of “to dos” this morning, I realized that I hadn’t posted a Eurodance Monday entry in a while. Well, no better time than the present to remedy that!

This morning marks the start of a new journey for me. Well, re-start anyway.

Last week, I had an infected root canal extracted, and then all hell broke loose in my body. I’ve had a very miserable week, and it became the straw the broke the camel’s back:

I’m sick of feeling like crap. My health has been absolute garbage for 7 years now. I know a big part of that is the “Immigration 60”, and I’m just done with it all. I used to be super healthy, active, and had a ton of energy. I want the old me back.

So, today I’m starting to make changes. Drastic (but safe!) changes to what I eat. Remembering to actually TAKE my thyroid meds. Making a point of drinking water all day, and not constantly being dehydrated anymore. GETTING ENOUGH PROTEIN, and not being “malnourished” all the time. Activity! Less stress, more Eurodance!

So.. expect some healthier – but still SUPER tasty! – recipes here. Also, I’m probably going to discontinue MasterChef recaps. Onward and upward!

Anyway, as I was getting some things set up this morning, Reel 2 Real’s “Are you Ready for Some More?” came on my playlist, and it seemed to be the perfect soundtrack for the moment. So, of course it was the perfect choice for Eurodance Monday! (Well, except that it’s actually American…)

Lucky (In My Life) – Eurodance Monday

Well, here we are… just a couple days away from the Masterchef premiere. It’s been a bizarre – and kind of amazing – few months, leading up to this point.

It’s crunch time! As I plan the final details for my own viewing party, the invites and plans are flying for many other such parties across the country. New clips of the show are being made available online, and I’ve been screen capturing like a madwoman … posting, and tagging for the group.

It’s been great to see more of their faces in these new show clips, for the most part… but the clips are also presenting/reinforcing the harsh reality that some of our new friends were not necessarily treated the best during their time on air. It’s hard to watch. On the upside, we have a very caring and supportive group, and I know most of us will be there for each other, whatever happens on Wednesday night.

I’m still amazed at how different things have been, compared to what I was thinking when going into this. How my priorities have changed… and how far off the mark I was about the idea of being surrounded by PEOPLE. Going in to this, I thought that if I could get along with my roomie, that’s about the best I could ask for. I didn’t think we’d have much chance to get to know anyone, based on what I knew of the show logistics… and I thought of that as a good thing.

… never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d walk out of the experience with a ton of new FRIENDS. *Definitely* never would have guessed that many of us would come to see each other as new extended family members. (Extremely nutty new family, in many cases!)

Guys, it’s been an honor and a pleasure getting to know you over these past few months. With the premiere just a few days away, I’m dedicating today’s Eurodance Monday pick to YOU!

How Bizarre – Eurodance Monday

Ok, so this week’s Eurodance Monday isn’t Euro. I swear I’m not looking to make this a long term trend! Like most posts this month, this is MasterChef related.

I’m not going to lie – pretty much every step of this little adventure has been completely bizarre to me. I still haven’t even wrapped my head around the idea that I – of ALL PEOPLE – had the thought “I should try out for a ‘reality’ show” even cross my mind, never mind stuck it all out to fruition. Hrmm, impulse control issues?


So, having gone through this whole thing, from decision to arriving in LA… all the way through the first few days of life in sequester? I was still sort of wondering if I was dreaming. I mean, I’m a very lucid dreamer – there were a few points where I was really second guessing my sleep status.

The night before the LA “auditions” started, I had a really surreal experience in the hotel lobby with a few other “contestants”. Like, I stood back from what was going on and actually thought to myself “Man, this feels like something that would air on a commercial for something trashy, like Jersey Shore. I’m so glad no one is filming!”. Reading that now, I’m not sure that I’m actually capable of describing how surreal the moment was. I actually considered the possibility that some of those involved were actors, and I was being punked. LOL!


So the next morning – with that still fresh in mind – we woke up, tried to get a quick bite to eat in our hotel room, and got dressed and ready for the day’s adventures. I headed out to the lobby, sat down, and IMMEDIATELY OMC’s “How Bizarre” came on over the hotel’s speakers. It was a lot like last Monday’s blog entry, life just providing the perfect soundtrack. In addition to seeming perfect for the bizarre reality I was living at the moment, it was bizarre in that I hadn’t heard the song in FOREVER – maybe not since I moved to the USA! – so the randomness really struck me.

Now, I’m sure most people don’t know the lyrics beyond the chorus (doesn’t EVERYONE know the chorus?), but I have to say, the song was appropriate on so many levels. Let me highlight a few key lines..

“Destination unknown, as we pull in for some gas, freshly pasted poster reveals a smile from the past”. (Ie: Luca from season 3)


“Ring master steps out and says “the elephants left town”, People jump and jive, but the clowns have stuck around. TV news and camera, there’s choppers in the sky”

That’s all I’m gonna say about that. HOW BIZARRE!

The MasterChef Playlist – Eurodance Mondays

So, we’re doing something a little different for this week’s Eurodance Monday. Rather than featuring one song, I’m featuring a list of them.

This is actually a playlist that I’d assembled for my whole MasterChef experience. I had this playing as I trained, I had it on my ipod as I traveled to LA, and I listened to it to both chill out AND get pumped up each morning that I was there.

… Well, to be more accurate, I used my Ipod to try and tune out the insane amounts of noise as we were herded like cattle and kept in fairly closed off areas (with HORRIBLE acoustics!) for hours on end. Holy crap, it was aspie hell! Being able to sit off in a corner, put the earphones in, close my eyes and tune out the sensory overload a bit was a lifesaver!

Anyway, most of these are songs that I’ve profiled on Eurodance Mondays before, for good reason – they’re timeless, and guaranteed to do the job! Links included to each writeup, where applicable:

1: Drinking in LA – Bran Van 3000 (Previous Writeup!)

2: Take Me Up – Amadin (Previous Writeup!)

3: Overload – Voodoo & Serano (Previous Writeup!)

4: Set the World on Fire – E-Type

5: Let the Dream Come True – DJ Bobo (Previous Writeup!)

6: Take Your Chance – Fun Factory (Previous Writeup!)

7: Dreams – 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor (Previous Writeup!)

8: Lucky in my Life – Eiffel 65

9: Here I Go Again – E-Type

10: No Limit – 2 Unlimited (Previous Writeup!)

11: Hold your Horses – E-Type

12: Hang on, Here We Go – Jet Fuel

13: Olympia * – E-Type

As my trip to LA got closer and closer, “Olympia” got more and more difficult and emotional to listen to… managing to surpass “Drinking in LA” as my official theme song for the whole adventure.

The day of my audition, I had it stuck in my head ALL day… and when I was next in line to cook, it had me pumped. I was able to actually say the lyrics to my husband…

“This is it, now the time has come for us and we’re heading for the future – set sail, we’re all go!” and “It’s time for us to make it all come true. We will go for gold and bring it home for you. Give it all and show when we can do, we will go for gold and glory all for you…”

And the really funny thing? I pulled together this list before I left, and yeah, it’s heavy on the E-Type. What can I say, I like what I like…

Anyway, one of the contestants happened to be a Swedish composer… who has apparently worked with E-Type!


I Like It – Eurodance Monday

Have you ever had one of those moments in your life… when there is music playing that is SO suited to whatever is going on, that it seems like something out of a movie? That life is providing this perfect soundtrack for you?

I had one of those experiences shortly after landing in LA for my MasterChef adventure. Not really Eurodance, but hey.. it’s dancey, and fits in with my “MasterChef” theme this month!

We’d just arrived at the airport – myself and a few people who were ALMOST complete strangers, for the most part. I hadn’t really given a ton of conscious thought to what LA would be like … but when I arrived, I realized that reality was not matching up with what my subconscious had apparently had in mind.

Things were so grey! The airport was kinda dowdy, the people weren’t smiling… I guess I’d been picturing sunshine, colour, beautiful people everywhere. I don’t know if it was just the terminal that our flight landed in or what, but this looked like any other airport (just maybe a bit more “blah” than most!). The weather outside was blah and grey, and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed. Things just didn’t seem as exotic as I’d expected!

So anyway, we get on the hotel shuttle and head off. The driver turned on the music, and it was Enrique Iglesias’ “I Like It”. I hadn’t heard the song for a while, at that point… I don’t know, it was kind of a surreal moment. Like the grey sort of faded, the exhaustion from a long day of travel sort of fell to the side, and here was the universe kind of pumping us up for what was to come, you know?

It actually reminded me of another such experience, almost two decades before. I was on a precision (synchronized, now) figure skating team, and we’d just made the long drive to a competition in the US… Minot, Brainerd, Bloomington – I don’t remember, but it was a LONG bus ride for us, at the end of a school day in Winnipeg!

So we pulled up to the hotel and the coaches go in to get us registered. Someone turned on the radio, and Bryan Adam’s “Summer of 69” came on. Same refreshing, energizing, soul-perking up experience.

Not only was “I Like it” perfect for the moment in its own right, bringing up that memory – from an earlier competition experience away from home – was just so well timed and NEEDED… it really stuck in my mind. Much like the skating competition memory still comes to mind even 20 years later, I’m sure I’ll be remembering my LA shuttle ride experience 20 years from now. It seems like such a silly thing to really hit me, from the whole experience.. but it was perfect.

… and now, as I type up this blog entry, I remember that the video for the song featured Jersey Shore. Given the circumstances that Inspired me to go down this road in the first place… man, I love the irony! The universe seems to have quite the sense of humour sometimes!

Do What’s Good for Me – Eurodance Mondays

As you know by now, I love me some 2 Unlimited. Before they started screwing with their lineup, I had every one of the albums (Cassettes! LOL), and many of their singles – which I purchased religiously, and many of which got worn out from obsessively repeated play!

If memory serves, this one was one of two new songs on their “Hits Unlimited” album, along with “Jump for Joy” (ie: the best song ever!). That was the last album before they got rid of Anita and Ray, dubbed two new chicks “2 Unlimited, and then just got weird with it, and 2 Unlimited ceased to exist, in my eyes.


Love the crazy graphics, love the costuming… this one really takes me back. A great anthem of empowerment, IMHO. Great way to start the week!

Have a good one!

Number One – Eurodance Mondays

Alexia is a super talented singer out of Italy. She’s been a part of some of my favorite songs/acts (Double You’s “Me and You, Ice MC’s “Think About The Way“, and “It’s a Rainy Day“, for instance), as well as a successful soloist. You may know her by her hits, “Uh La La La“, and “The Summer is Crazy“.

Anyway. I’ve had this song in my head lately, so I figure it’s as good a time as any to give it the ol’ Eurodance Monday treatment.

I… have absolutely no idea what’s going on in this video. Is that.. does she have a black eye? What?

I don’t know. Great song, though, and a great way to start the week!

Have a good one!