Overload – Eurodance Mondays

Bizarre. I am apparently incapable of spelling “Overload” – it always comes out “Overlord”. Career hazard, I suppose?

So, once again.. this one’s not technically “eurodance” in the strictest sense, but.. well, it’s German, and it’s Electronic DANCE Music, so… good enough. It’s just too fabulous a song – and fits just TOO well with my reality, at times – not to use as a “Eurodance Monday”. If there was ever a more perfect theme song for Type-A Aspies (such as myself!)… I’ve certainly never come across it.

Also, what a great video. I watch this, and I have to wonder how much fun she and the crew had making it. Awesome!

Have a great (hopefully not ‘overloaded’!) week!

This is Your Night – Eurodance Mondays

Today’s Eurodance Monday features a song that achieved somewhat rare success – it not only charted in the USA, it made it to the soundtrack of a fairly mainstream US move, Night at the Roxbury. Amber is a Dutch Eurodance artist, and is still very active in music:

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on her website
on Reverb Nation

Anyway… To me, this song serves both as a preparatory, inspirational song… and an after-victory, celebratory song. Whichever way you take it, this is a great song to start your Monday off with.

Have a great week!

Get Ready For This – Eurodance Mondays

Happy Monday!

Today, I’m starting my week off with the quintessential inspirational Eurodance song – Get Ready for This.

I have a long history of loving this song, way back since shortly after it was released in 1991. It was the first cassette single I ever purchased, and was always a great song to work out to – especially at skating practice. If I was feeling a bit “meh”, it was a great way to summon up some energy and drive.

Today, it’s the same thing. If I need to get some instant inspiration and drive, I load up this song.

The funny thing? Pandora seems to have a bizarre, techno-psychic ability to know when I’m loading up my eurodance channel to get ready for something stressful – and on those occasions, it ALWAYS starts out with this song! Creepy, but awesome.

Have a great week!

Dream a Dream – Eurodance Mondays

Some weeks, you just need a bit of Peer Gynt Suite, you know?

Luckily, there’s a Eurodance song for that! This one is from Captain Jack, a Genrman Eurodance group that brought us Captain Jack and Drill Instructor. Well, sort of.. This version of “Dream a Dream” is from an updated, re-formed version of the group, several years after the passing of Franky Gee, the American soldier who’d been the lead of Captain Jack for a decade.

Captain Jack was one of a kind, and I really dug the way he would mix military imagery with upbeat music and lyrics about hope, love, and peace.

Have a great week!

No Limit – Eurodance Mondays

To me, this is the quintessential “Get pumped up before a competition” song from back in my skating days.

Nowadays, it serves a similar purpose – I’ll listen to it any time I need to shake off nerves before a big event. It always does the trick, leaving me feeling confident, happy, and good to go!

Of course, that also makes it a perfect song to start the week out with! Have a great one, and remember… “Know no limits, and reach for the sky. No valley too deep, no mountain too high!”

Color of my Dreams – Eurodance Mondays

So, this song isn’t Euro in the *strictest* definition – BG The Prince of Rap was actually American. Whatever… origin aside, this is a Eurodance classic!

I remember seeing this song performed live on Electric Circus, back in the day. All of the singers and dancers were clad in “Winter” camo club outfits – a dress, a mini skirt, etc – A look that I thought was super cute at the time. Not too proud to admit that it did inspire me to go to a rave in Winter camo pants, a somewhat sheer black turtleneck bodysuit, and a black pushup bra underneath…

Oh.. this song brings me back to the good old days! During the year I spent at a vocational high school (fashion design)… I’d guess that 1/3 of my wardrobe consisted of some sort of clubby clothing, which I’d wear as everyday gear. Black PVC skirt with blue spandex bodysuit, replete with a smily face on the chest? Yup. Bright orange, PVC A line dress with a big chunky metal zipper up the front? Yup.

Songs like this make me really miss the pre-fat days of my youth!

Take Me Up – Eurodance Mondays

Another Monday, another Eurodance song to start the week off right!

My introduction to this song was such that I’m actually surprised that I’m still so in love with it, after so many years!

It was my favorite song on a mix tape that an ex made for me, back in.. oh, probably 1996. Given how weird my taste in music was, compared to the norm… I’d been blown away that he knew me well enough to pick out a song I’d never heard, but would ADORE to the degree I did – and still do. The song became very much associated with him / my time with him.

… then, it turned out he was a complete nutjob. I mean, he truly believed that the reason he wasn’t so big on showing emotion was because – Ooh boy, this never gets easier to type out – that there was actually so much power and emotion in his heart, that he had realized at a young age – For the good of the planet, no less! –

… that he had to telekinetically enclose his heart in a block of ice. FOR THE GOOD OF THE PLANET! Yes. He believed that he had literally created a frozen block of water around his heart, in his chest… Um. Yeah. He also believed that he could turn himself invisible, and that CSIS was after him… yeah, that relationship was doomed from the start.

As heavy as that experience was on my then 16-17 year old, hyper-literal aspie self, now I’m able to completely laugh it off…. good thing, too – I’d really, seriously be missing out, if I’d let that insanity taint my enjoyment of this song.

This song serves so many purposes for me… I use it to pump me up before events – competitions, whatever. I use it as my little victory dance, when something awesome happens. It can pull me out of a bad mood, and it can create inspiration and drive when there is none… all great qualities for a Euro song to start the week off with!

Have a great one…. Alrabaiye!

Superstar – Eurodance Mondays

Did you know that my business/blog name came from the catch phrase of a famous rave DJ?

If you’re a Canadian of roughly my age (plus or minus ~5-10 years), you’re probably well aware of who Chris Sheppard is, but for those who aren’t… Shep was really big in the 80s and 90s, first as an underground rave DJ, then with his “Pirate Radio” late night show and line of CDs. Aside from the music, he was really well known for his over the top personality, and myriad catch phrases – all in a CRAAAAAAAZAAAY English accent. He was a member of BKS (Bekker, Kavanagh, Sheppard), producing such hits as Living in Ecstasy, Dreamcatcher, I’m in Love with You, and Astroplane.

To me, “Living in Ecstasy” is the quintessential early 90s dance track, and brings up so many memories for me. Discovering Shep’s music back then… oh, man. All of the kids I went to school with were into crap like NKOTB, and I LOVED me some Techno. Chris Sheppard was like a musical savior to me, growing up in pre-internet Winnipeg!

He eventually went more mainstream, founding Love Inc, and seeing more popularity worldwide.

When the time came to name my business, I was listening to my old BKS “Astroplane” album, and trying to brainstorm. Euro helps me think, damnit.

Anyway, at one point during their (AMAZING!) cover of The Grid’s “Swamp Thing“, Shep yelled out “CELEBRATION GENERATION… YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!”. “The Celebration Generation” was the name Sheppard had given his following, and at that moment, all I could think was “You know what? Yes. I do!”… and Celebration Generation was born!

I digress.

Love Inc’s “Superstar” is a great way to start the week off. I know that not everyone has the most energy, or the most … well, anything… first thing on a Monday morning… and I find that this is a great, feel good song. Puts me in a great mood to start the week off right!

La Vita E’ – Eurodance Mondays

I’ve loved this song for many years – I think the first time I heard it was in 2002? Man, how time flies!

I love everything about this song – it gives me goosebumps, even after so many years!

Beyond the feel of this song, I love the lyrics. Here are the lyrics in the original Italian, with the English translation, right here!

Happy sigh! Always a great way to start the week off!

Let the Dream Come True – Eurodance Mondays

I love DJ Bobo! Have ever since the mid 90s or so, his music is always so positive and uplifting, and … dude can dance.

Seriously, I really wish he’d put out a workout video with his dancers, and his music. That is probably *exactly* what it would take to get me to do cardio – and it’d be a ton of fun!

Seriously though, I’d like to dedicate this edition of Eurodance Mondays to Matt and the rest of my new friends from our BIG ADVENTURE last week. Wishing much success and joy to everyone – and now it’s time to let (make!) all of our dreams come true!

Have a great week!