This is the Way – Eurodance Mondays

This song speaks to me in a way that most never do.

Growing up different from everyone else, being “nerd shamed” into trying to dumb down, comform to the norm, etc… it was a BIG DEAL for me when I was finally able to be comfortable with who I was, and just indulge in my own weirdness.

Before I’d come to that point, this song was inspiration. Now, it’s a reminder for me… and it always lifts me up and makes me smile!

Have a great week!

Ride on Time – Eurodance Mondays

They say that it takes 18 days to form a habit, so – by my estimation – we’re right about the time when new years resolutions start falling by the wayside. SO – let’s do a Eurodance Monday that’s not only a great way to start the week, but to workout to!

As someone who was a figure skater in the 90s, I can’t NOT associate Black Box’s “Ride on Time” with getting in shape, thanks to my favorite training montage ever, in “The Cutting Edge”. Love it – and have an almost – Pavlovian response to it. Yep, this song gives me a little boost of adre

Mysterious Times – Eurodance Mondays

As you may have gleaned by now, I’m someone who tends to have a bunch of weird little adventures throughout my life.

I know interesting, intelligent, and fun people (and Klingons)… and that usually has the side effect of all kinds of bizarre shenanigans. Add in the fact that my life is basically under the rule of Murphy’s Law? Yeah, I basically find myself thinking “I couldn’t make this up if I tried” on a regular basis.

For that reason, Sash!’s “Mysterious Times” spoke to me from the first time I heard it. Beautifully sung, a great melody… and it came off – to me – as almost a celebration of these “Mysterious times”. Embrace the weirdness!

Have a great week, everyone!

Conquering America – Eurodance Mondays

Months ago, I decided that I would use Eurodance Monday to break some news here on the blog. I couldn’t figure out what song I should use, ended up procrastinating, and now it’s almost 2 months later.

Whoops. Sorry if this is old news to those of you who heard about it on Twitter first!

Anyway, yes. Back in November, the end of my LONG, stressful road with the immigration process finally came to an end, I became a citizen of the USA, and earned the right to vote like a WEEK too late for the election. Doh!

So… how about a little Bodies Without Organs to belatedly mark the occasion?

A bizarre mashup of this song, and “Victory at Ed Parkers” from “Dragon the Bruce Lee Story” got stuck in my head during the naturalization ceremony. Freedom! No more worrying about getting deported over .. nothing. (Seriously, getting pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt once had me worrying that I’d get deported. The process can make you PARANOID!)

Great song. Bizarre video. Got mah voting rights. WOO!

Life – Eurodance Mondays

New Years Eve!

Unlike Christmas. “New Year” doesn’t have a whole lot of eurodance songs that are specifically geared towards it.

As with many of E-Type’s songs, “Life” suits the theme, even if not specifically. “Life can be whatever, what you want it to be”? “What`s that sound? My destiny is bound for changes, lost and found!”? Yeah… sounds like NYE resolution theme music to me!

Happy New Year!

Do you Hear What I Hear? – Eurodance Mondays

Ah, Melanie Thornton. What a voice! She was the lead vocalist for “La Bouche” – I’m told that a few of their hits actually were played here in the USA back in the day. “Be My Lover” and “Sweet Dreams” were probably the best known.

Today being Christmas Eve, it’s the perfect excuse to whip out this gem. Doesn’t it just give you the chills? So beautiful.

Happy Holidays!

RIP, Melanie.

White Christmas – Eurodance Mondays

Ok, so Scooter isn’t technically “Eurodance”. He IS German, and techno is dance, so… close enough, right?

The thing is, this video is too awesome to not use for a December Eurodance Monday. The first part is hilarious to anyone familiar with Scooter’s usual work, such as “4 am“, “One (Always Hardcore)“, “Hello (Good to be Back)“, “Maria (I Like it Loud)“, or my personal favorite, “How Much is the Fish?” . THEN, it just gets awesome. Always a good laugh.

Happy Holidays!

Life (Will Never be the Same) – Eurodance Mondays

Have had this song stuck in my head lately, figure it’s time to Eurodance Monday it! (Yes, “Eurodance Monday” is a verb this morning.)

So, while Haddaway was a bit of a one hit wonder in the USA (“What is Love?“), he had a few songs that were popular back home. My favorite – even over What is Love – is “Rock my Heart“, but this one is a close second. Well, or third.. it may be tied with What is Love. Who knows.

Anyway, “Life” was actually Haddaway’s second biggest hit, and came in fairly close behind “What is Love”, everywhere but the USA.

Happy Monday!

Take Your Chance – Eurodance Mondays

Today we woke up exhausted, as my husband had forgotten to change our alarm clock this weekend. Whoops!

Good thing it’s Eurodance Monday! Today, I’m feauturing a song that is extra upbeat, positive, and .. encouraging… as I feel like that’s exactly what I need after accidently waking up at 5am!

Fun Factory was a German Eurodance group in the 1990s, best known for their 1993 hit “Close to You. “Take Your Chance” may not have charted as high – or at ALL in the USA – but it’s always been my fav song from them:

Fun fact(ory?): The lead singer here, Marie-Anett Mey … started her career as one half of “Darkness”… who I featured on a Eurodance Monday 2 weeks ago. Yep, they look like different people… as Darkness was engaging in the Eurodance tradition of having one person sing… and a completely other one be the image for that voice.

Have a great week!

Vampires Are Alive – Eurodance Mondays

For a Halloween installment of Eurodance Mondays, I have an EPIC music video to share with you: Vampires are Alive, by DJ Bobo.

I love DJ Bobo, and have ever since his music made it across the pond in the earlyish 90s. Love the music, love the dancing, and love… well, the effort he puts into it. This is an artist who does NOT half-ass his performances – something that definitely shows in today’s video:

… I’ve seen feature length movies with less costuming, attention to detail, and passion put into them!

The song was an entry in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, and managed to inspire one of the Swiss political parties to petition against DJ Bobo on account of suspected Satanism. Yes. DJ BOBO. The man who brought us Love is All Around, Freedom, and … Chihuahua.

I guess there are insane political parties EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, here’s the Eurovision performance of it, again, with amazing attention to detail. (PS: I wish we had Eurovision. What an amazing event! I was so shocked to meet a local blogger – Samantha – who blogs all about Eurovision… and ATTENDS! So jealous! Check her out at ESC Insider.)

Happy Halloween!