And now for something completely different…

I’m going back on a diet.

This whole tornado ordeal disrupted our lives in so many ways, many of which I’ve already detailed in the past few blog entries. The day after the tornado, I was to start a diet. A lot of the food we had to throw out – all of the beautiful meats and fish in the freezer, in particular – was intended for that.

So, instead of getting back on the diet that I sorely needed, I’ve been living off restaurant food… and CHEAP restaurant food whenever possible. Not so great with the diet, so… I just haven’t been.

Now that the kitchen has been cleared out to the point where it’s SORT of safe to be in there – and rebuilding it hasn’t yet started – and now that we’re house sitting, rather than living in a hotel… I’m going to try to get back on the diet. This should be interesting.

Soooo… let’s talk diet. (more…)