When life gives me lemons, I like to make some fancy lemonade from it!
A recent - but stubborn - wrist & elbow injury has sidelined me from taking sewing commissions for a while. I like to remain productive, so I'm happy to announce that I've begun work on Beyond Flour 2 - a sequel to my 2014 cookbook, "Beyond Flour: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking"!

If you are interested in being notified when our Beyond Flour 2 campaign goes live, sign up below! (We may do a giveaway or two as well, but don't expect a ton of emails from this list!)

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Tornado Recovery Update: Iron River Construction Review

Last night I received a disturbing, unprofessional email from the construction company we hired after the tornado. I’m still not sure if the fact that yesterday was exactly 4 years and six months from the day of the tornado makes the ordeal we’ve been going through even more sad, or if I should laugh about […]

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Canadian Election Cocktails

This Canadian election has been the craziest I have ever seen in my entire life. In my experience (up til 9 years ago when I moved, anyway).. our elections are usually pretty boring compared to the USA. We don’t really get big sex scandals, or many of the “OMG DID YOU HEAR WHAT HE/SHE SAID!?” […]

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Canada, We Need to Talk

Today I have “write a Thanksgiving blog entry” on my schedule, as Canadian Thanksgiving is only a week away. The first thing I read this morning was an article about a young Muslim woman being attacked in Toronto, and all thoughts of turkey and pumpkin pie left my head. Apologies in advance, I have to […]

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So.. You Want to Audition for MasterChef…

Every year, I receive a batch of emails right around this time – people who are considering, or who have already signed up to audition for MasterChef. Very excited people, full of big dreams, just looking for whatever tips I may have. The TL;DR? Don’t. Let me elaborate, but first a bit of disclaimer / […]

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Autism Awareness Day – A Few Thoughts from my Spot on the Spectrum

Today is “World Autism Awareness Day”, or – as those of us on the spectrum tend to prefer – “World Autism Acceptance Day”. Maybe I’ve just done a really good job of culling the herd over the past few Aprils, but I was heartened to see a few positive posts in my feed this morning… […]

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