Evil Cake Overlord – Ridiculously Delicious Cakes

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Celebration Generation has been known for our “ridiculously delicious” moist cakes and tasty, unique flavors since the genesis of our custom cake business. Now, you can have recipes for all of the amazing flavors on our former custom cake menu, as well as many more!

Once you have baked your moist work of gastronomic art, fill and frost your cake with any number of tasty possibilities. Milk chocolate cardamom pear, mango mojito.. even our famous Chai cake – the flavor that got us into “Every Day with Rachel Ray” magazine!

Feeling creative? Use our easy to follow recipe to make our yummy fondant. Forget everything you’ve heard about fondant – ours is made from marshmallows and powdered sugar, and is essentially candy – you can even flavor it to bring a whole new level of “yum!” to every cake you make!

Third Edition – now in full color!

Paperback, 164 pages
Release Date: May 17, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-9850036-8-5
Publisher: Celebration Generation

$25.99 CAD $21.99 CAD, plus shipping.

Purees of mango and strawberry create a unique and flavorful marble cake. In addition to our chapter on marbled cakes, learn how to make elegant torted & filled cakes, upside down cakes, & much more!

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