Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have a question about a recipe…? / Can I substitute __ in this recipe?
Awesome! I probably have an answer for you. Please post your question(s) about a recipe in the comments section for that specific recipe. That way, everyone can benefit from your question, and the answer!

Who designed this site?
This site is a WordPress site, which I tweaked a bit and did the graphics for.

Who does your photography? / Are you hiring for Food Photography?
My husband, Michael does all of my food photography: commercial site, blog, and cookbooks! Not only is he nice and conveniently located, we tend to think on the same wavelength, so it makes things very easy for me. Also, I just pay him in food… so it works well!

Sometimes we have to use photography by someone else – when profiling a person, product, or even for example. In those cases, I ALWAYS credit and link to the photographer.

What is your favorite recipe?
I get asked this one a lot. I NEVER know what to answer, as it really depends on what I’m in the mood for. I think my sushi recipes get the most use in my house. I think my Jalapeno Popper Stuffed Pretzels may be the *perfect* food. If talking about a summer potluck, my Pina Colada Bundt Cake is my trusty go-to recipe. It all depends on mood and use… feel free to email me or comment if you’d like a suggestion!

I have a catering company / bakery / coffee shop and want to serve your recipes to my clients/customers
Awesome, I’m flattered! Just a few things: If you’re willing to somehow indicate where they came from, that’d be awesome. If not, that’s cool too – just please do me the courtesy of NOT claiming it to be your own / a family recipe / original / etc. Cool? Either way, if you’re planning to serve my recipes, by all means, drop me a line to let me know! I LOVE hearing about stuff like this!

I made ____ recipe, and I’d like to blog about it myself. If that ok?
Again, awesome – and I’d love to hear about it! Please link back to this site as the source of the recipe, and I ask that you only use your own photos in telling your story. (Ours are copyrighted). If you’d actually like to publish the recipe, please put the directions into your own words, adding whatever notes you feel may be interesting or important to your readers. Again – our blog entry recipes are copyrighted.

What is the deal with recipe copyrights?
Long story short: A list of ingredients is not protected under copyright law, but the directions can be. This is why many of the big name tv personality chefs actually have staff to find recipes for them!

I’m particularly sensitive about recipe copyrights, because I don’t just scour the web for something new to try. Many of my recipes start out as “OMG, I have a GREAT/crazy idea!”, which I develop right through to completion from that initial idea. Drives me nuts when I see my original ideas / recipes posted elsewhere without any acknowledgment.

Is it legal to take one of my original recipes, re-write the directions, and post without attribution? Yes. It’s just not very nice! The internet is a much better place when people have respect for each other, don’t you think?

I heard that this is the place to go for some harsh opinions on wedding cake?
You are probably talking about 2 blog entries in particular: One dealt with my thoughts on sheet cake (UGH!), and the other was my “essay” on fondant. Enjoy!

Did I miss something? drop me a line to let me know!

2 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Hi! Can I use some of your photos on Wikipedia?
    I’m a new wikipedia contributor, just trying to help them out, and I would like to improve some of the articles. I’ll be sure to reference your website.
    I’ll also take note if you’ve credited a different photographer, and only use stuff you and your husband made.


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