Hedonistic Hops

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Hops are prized for their ability to impart varied, complex flavours to beer… but did you know they can also be used culinarily?

As a recipe developer / cookbook author married to an enthusiastic hophead, Marie Porter has created many amazing recipes featuring the bitter flower. These recipes have been wildly popular not only with her friends and family, but on her food & lifestyle blog, Celebration Generation. Now, she has developed an entire cookbook of hop recipes – the first of its kind!

While hops may seem like a bizarre or exotic item to cook with, it’s the same as using other herbs and spices in your kitchen… you just have to know what to do with them!

From condiments, sides, and main dishes, to beverages and desserts, Porter shares delicious recipes utilizing hops of various flavour profiles – playing up their unique characteristics – to create recipes full of complex flavour. . Much like salt or lemon juice can be added to dishes to perk them up, a small amount of hops – used wisely, and with specific techniques to do so in a balanced fashion – can really make a dish sing.

Even those who are not fans of beer will love the unique flavours that various types of hops can bring to their plate. Floral, earthy, peppery, citrusy… Cooking with hops is a great way to expand your seasoning arsenal!

“Hedonistic Hops” includes helpful information on growing and harvesting fresh hops at home. Hops are easy to grow, look beautiful, and provide even more bounty than you’d expect: The leaves and shoots are also edible, and delicious! Hedonistic Hops includes recipes for using not only the cone/flower of the hop plant, but also the leaves and shoots. Spoiler: Hop leaves taste even better than grape leaves!

In addition to home grown hops,“Hedonistic Hops” contains straight forward information on how to obtain and use the various forms of commercially available hops – Fresh, dried, pellets, etc.

Hedonistic Hops: The HopHeads’ Guide to Kitchen Badassery includes over 50 recipes, and feature gorgeous full colour photography for each recipe. Measurements are provided in both US and metric units.

Paperback, 174 pages
Release Date: September 15, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-9976608-0-7
Publisher: Celebration Generation
Distributor: Ingram
$32.99 CAD $25.99 CAD

Hopped Pasta Primavera: So pretty, and SO tasty!

Sample Recipes
High resolution photography of these recipes is available for press publication, please contact us to arrange use.

Hoppy Citrus IPA Glazed Wings

Hoppy Citrus French Macarons

Hoppy IPA BBQ Sauce

Hoppy IPA Pickles

Note: While many of the sample recipes that we blogged prior to starting this cookbook use beer, not many of the recipes in the book do.

What People Have Been Saying About Our FIRST Kickstarter project, “Beyond Flour: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking & Baking“:

“I really like the personal comments you put with the recipes. Makes me feel kind of like we met somewhere and started talking recipes :oD. I’ll leave a review on Amazon after we try a few – THANK YOU!” – C. Burch

“Flipping through the book I saw a recipe for toaster pastries and that was the first thing I made. I did it just for fun. But when I bit into it, after not having one for over a decade, I started crying. I can’t even express what a gift Marie has given me. All these things I had written off – like ravioli and biscuits and pita bread – I have it all back now. And the taste and texture and AFTER TASTE are perfect. Not pretty good or not too bad … dead on.” = C Schulz

“I’ve been thumbing through gluten free cookbooks for over a year trying to find one that really tries to convey an understanding of the base ingredients rather than always starting with “gluten free flour mix”. As an aspie myself, it shouldn’t surprise me that your book is just what I was looking for.” – R. Ray

“I saw this on the kickstarter and have been madly drooling for it to arrive for a long time. And then I started making things out of it. OMFG! Buy this book. Make her write more. You’ll thank me for it.” – Amazon User

For more reviews of “Beyond Flour”, head on over to Amazon to read some reviews, HERE.

Kickstarter Updates:

KS Update #1: First Update! – June 19, 2015
KS Update #2: 25% there! Also: Cover preview! – June 25, 2015
KS Update #3: Recipe development updates – So good, and SO close! – July 21, 2015
KS Update #4: Hops are coming in, recipe development in full swing! – July 27, 2015
KS Update #5: Funded – Thank you! Also: Progress Update + Photography – August 19, 2015
KS Update #6: Big Photography / Development update! – September 15, 2015
KS Update #7: Hops Related Update – April 25, 2016
KS Update #8: Big News! – May 31, 2016
KS Update #9: Frustrating Setback – June 8, 2016
KS Update #10: Spoke Too Soon – June 8, 2016

Media Coverage

Beer Search Party – 8/22/16

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