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PLEASE NOTE: We are NO LONGER offering custom wedding cakes… or any cakes, for that matter! Marie has given up the long hours in a commercial kitchen in order to focus on her line of cookbooks!

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine

May 2010

Check us out in the May 2010 issue of “Every Day with Rachael Ray”! Our spread is about unique & delicious wedding cake flavors, and we were one of only 4 wedding cake bakeries from around the country chosen to be featured!. Our Chai Latte was chosen to represent Celebration Generation – and Minneapolis, MN – in the “Eat & Run” article, on page 152. (or click here to view it!)

We were in great company, with Sheri’s Edible Designs from Hilton Head, SC featuring their “It’s Island Time!” flavor (sounds yum!). Blue Note Bakery from Austin, TX showcased a gorgeous tie-dyed cake – super funky! – and Cakes By The Pound from Los Angeles, CA described their unique Red Velvet cake, which is dyed with pureed beets, rather than artifical coloring.. and flavored with Amaretto!

Every Day with Rachael Ray Magazine

FL teen finds MN fairy godmother thanks to magical Asperger’s connection

Kare 11 did a piece on our Fairy Godmother Project , which we did as a gift for a girl with Aspergers.

click here for the more details and the video from that news story.

Pi Backsplash Coverage

Good Question: What is Pi? – CBS/WCCO News, 03/14/12

This Might be the Geekiest Kitchen Ever – PC World Magazine, 02/08/12

A Conversation With… Mensa: Really Smart People – KNPB (Reno PBS), 09/14/12

“Mensa, the high-IQ society, requires members have an intelligence quotient in the top two percent of the general population. American Mensa held its annual convention in Reno, bringing about two-thousand people to town. Host Brent Boynton talked with some of them to find out what makes them different…and alike.”

I was interviewed at 8:13, 14:40 , 16:00, 19:32, and 21:52. They did not use my comment about “midget porn”, however!

“Sweet Corn Spectacular” Coverage

Cookbook Review – The Paris Post-Intelligencer, 07/17/13

Sweet Corn Spectacular –, 07/29/13 (Finland!)

New book stirs memories of work at Green Giant plant – Hutchinson Leader, 08/01/13

Make use of your farmers market buys with new corn cookbook – Kare 11, 08/05/13

Sweet Corn, Many Ways, by Marie Porter – The Minneapolis Star Tribune, 08/08/13

Enjoy a Corny Summer – From Beer Battered to Creamy Fudge – Go 60, 08/01/13

Cookbook gets all hot and buttered – Winnipeg Free Press, 08/21/13

6 O’Clock Solution: Perfect time for corn – Montreal Gazette, 08/21/13

Corn hash showcases summer treat – The Vancouver Sun, 08/21/13

Fresh & Local Podcast – Sweet Corn Spectacular – Fresh and Local Podcast, 08/21/13

Sweet Corn Spectacular, Napa Valley Register, 09/02/13

Six O’Clock Solution: It’s the time of the season for corn recipes – Montreal Gazette, 09/04/2013

Sweet Corn Spectacular: A new book on the Midwestern summer bounty – Twin Cities Daily Planet, 09/06/13

Sweet Corn Spectacular – Charlottetown Guardian, 09/11/13

MasterChef Related Coverage

First-ever Canadian contestant – Canada AM, CTV, 05/22/13

What’s Cooking: Local chef dishes on ‘MasterChef’ – Star Tribune, 05/15/13

Former Winnipegger makes the cut on MasterChef – CBC Manitoba, 05/22/13

Minnesotans Invade MasterChef season Four – City Pages, 05/01/13

Fresh and Local – Marie Porter – Fresh and Local Podcast

Tornado Related Coverage:

Minneapolis Author, Baker Reflects on Tornado Anniversary = KSTP News, 05/22/13

One Year After the Tornado, Mpls Couple Still Picking up the Pieces – CBS/WCCO News, 05/21/12

Tornado’s Aftermath – Minneapolis Star Tribune, 05/16/12

North Minneapolis Tornado Victims Have Been Forgotten – City Pages, 11/23/11

Six Months After the Tornado, Work Still to be Done – Kare 11 News, 11/21/11

Gingerbread Helps Tornado Victims Heal – Minneapolis Star Tribune, 12/20/11

Ex-Winnipegger survives Minnesota Tornado – CBC Manitoba, 05/24/11

Other Coverage

A Manitoba mistake: Honey dill sauce is strange and it’s zesty… and it’s ours – Winnipeg Free Press, 01/24/14

Plymouth Magazine

February 2011

Celebration Generation’s first cookbook “The Spirited Baker” was featured as the cover story for Plymouth Magazine. The 4 page spread included several recipes from the book!

Click here to read the story on the magazine website.

Wedding Cakes- A Design Source

Wedding Cakes – A Design Source is a gorgeous magazine based out of the UK. Featuring top cake designs from around the world, we are thrilled to have had our work in 8 issues (And Counting!)

Wedding Cakes Magazine

Wedding Cakes Magazine

Flowers & Magazine

October 2009

Flowers & Magazine is a florist industry magazine, distributed internationally by Teleflora.

Celebration Generation was featured as an 8 page layout in their October 2009 Wedding issue. Marie from Celebration Generation was a guest contributor, with an article that focussed on techniques to incorporate fresh flowers in high end fondant cake design, and how florists can work together with cake designers.

The layout featured many photos of our cakes, courtesy of M. Porter Photography. Fresh flowers were courtesy of Violet’s Flowers.

Flowers & Magazine

Star Tribune

Monday, December 1st, 2008

“When she found out that the bride was planning to serve sheet cake, Marie Porter could not hold her peace.

Instead, she whipped up a four-tiered, neon-colored, Dr. Seussian spectacle that was the hit of the wedding reception.

She also created a recipe for what would become her latest independent enterprise — Celebration Generation Cakes.”

Thursday, December 20th, 2007

The following appeared as part of the “What’s Cooking”/”Front Burner” page of the Taste Section

She’s fond of fondant

For Marie Porter, it’s been a natural progression from designing wedding gowns to wedding florals and now to wedding cakes. And what cakes! She’s parlayed her bartender skills into boozy concoctions such as Southern Belle (peaches and Southern Comfort) and Bananas Foster (crème de banana and rum), but also offers an unusual chai spice cake, along with variations on more traditional chocolate and lemon cakes. Her website, www. celebrationgenerationcakes. com, includes some eye-popping photos of her fondant designs, including a “Coach Bag” and a brown-and-green coating that resembles military camouflage. Prices (minimum order to serve 100) begin at $450. Celebration Generation Cakes also offers cookies, tarts and truffles. She’s based in Princeton, Minn., but serves the Twin Cities. Call 612-388-9409 or e-mail cakes@

Thursday, November 3rd, 2010

Catch the buzz, literally – Cookbook features potent desserts

By Kim Ode, Star Tribune

Marie Porter inherited her mother’s skill as a professional cake baker and decorator, but also completed bartending school. So it’s logical that Porter’s first cookbook combines those worlds. “The Spirited Baker” (Celebration Generation, $16.99) is subtitled “Intoxicating Desserts and Potent Potables,” which pretty much sums up recipes such as Mango Mojito Upside-Down Cake or Jalapeño Beer Baklava. Porter, of Plymouth, came to the baking biz after careers as a fashion designer, graphic artist and florist, which explains her award-winning cakes showered with meringue flowers, or the bold (dare we say whacked-out?) cakes made to look like R2D2 or a Coach handbag. Even more: She has a line of “highly caffeinated” baking mixes, Jacked Up Java brownie and cookie mixes, and a Cranked Up Chai blondie mix. To see her cakes, order her mixes or the cookbook with more than 160 recipes, visit (Click here to read the article on the Star Tribune site.)

Thursday, May 18, 2011

She takes the cake

By Kim Ode, Star Tribune

Plymouth baker Marie Porter caught our eye last year with her first cookbook, “The Spirited Baker: Intoxicating Desserts and Potent Potables,” combining booze and baked goods. She’s only slightly more restrained this year with “Evil Cake Overlord: Ridiculously Delicious Cakes” (Celebration Generation, $16.99) with recipes for Chai Spice Cake (touted in Rachael Ray’s magazine) and striking marbled cakes (strawberry-mango?), but also for a wedding cake custom-made for a video game-playing couple flavored with Red Bull energy drink. While no longer making custom cakes, Porter teaches decorating classes and does cake design consultation. To order the book, or learn more, visit www.celebration It’s also at Common Good Books in St. Paul.

Click here to read the article on the Star Tribune site.)

Mpls. St. Paul Magazine

Fall-Winter 2008
We were featured as #17 of 100 “must-haves and ready-to-use tips for creating an unforgettable Twin Cities Wedding”!, in the Fall-Winter 2008 issue of Mpls-St Paul Mag’s “Weddings”. Our Excerpt:

Tasteful Twist
Break away from vanilla and surprise your guests with a nontraditional flavored cake. What about Cookies ‘N Cream, Bananas Foster, or Chai Spice? Custom cake creator Marie Porter of Celebration Generation says, “Most brides are shocked to find they can have a flavorful and unique wedding cake underneath even the most traditional of styles.” What about finicky guests? “Usually brides pick two to four flavors to serve.” Imagine one layer of Tiramisu-flavored cake, another with Southern Belle (amaretto, Southern Comfort, and peaches), and then a layer of double chocolate marble or turtle for the more traditional palate. Celebration Generation, 612-388-9409″ …. Click here to see the full article.
Minneapolis-St Paul Weddings Magazine

Spring-Summer 2009
We were featured in a layout called “On a Pedestal” for the Fall-Winter issue of Mpls-St Paul Weddings Magazine. Our Excerpt:

Mpls-St Paul Weddings Magazine
Structured Beauty
A sweet bouquet, this four-tier crafted delight by Celebration Generation Cakes is wrapped in fondant with a playful cascade of appliquéd Vanda orchids and soft pastel airbrushed details. Almost too beautiful to eat.

Number of servings: 130
Price per serving: $6.00
Popular Flavors: chai, tiramisu, and white chocolate almond Amaretto
Celebration Generation Cakes

…. Click here to see the full article.

Minnesota Bride

Minnesota Bride Magazine Spring-Summer 2009
We were featured in a Spring themed layout for the Spring-Summer issue of Minnesota Bride Magazine. Our Excerpt:

Celebration Generation Cakes, 612.388.9409,

Marie Porter of Celebration Generation created a jazzed-up version of a more traditional cake she’s created in the past, with piped meringue leaves and brightly colored flowers. “Most of our cakes are fairly crazy,” says Porter, “but this combination of crazy and meringue we hadn’t done.”

…. Click here to see the full layout.

Kare 11

We have had the good fortune of being on Kare 11 3 times so far. Kare Onlive was a great show – has since been renamed as “Kare 11 News @ 4”

February, 2008

A few days before Valentine’s Day, we were invited to the Kare 11 Studio to demonstrate how to make truffles at home

Friday November 16, 2008

I participated in the Kare 11 OnLive Potluck. Crazy amounts of fun!

A few of their regulars met at the studio for some online/OnLive chat, and a potluck to follow. I knew it was going to be a lot of fun, but I didn’t know I’d be filming a commercial, OR that I’d walk out with my very own catchphrase!

Thursday September 27, 2007

Kare 11 did a wonderful profile on our cakes. Jeffrey Demars came down to our (now former) kitchen to learn more about making cakes. We created a cake replica of “Raven” from Minnesota Bound for them – that cake can be seen in our Other Cakes Gallery.

Click here for the text article that was posted on the Kare 11 Website

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