Other Event Cakes

Other Cakes – Showers, Groom Cakes, etc.

Photos are for inspiration purposes, as we are no longer accepting custom cake orders. Click any photo to view a larger version.

Cool lion Groom's Cake
“Cool” Lion Groom’s Cake

Darth Vader Groom's Cake
Darth Vader Groom’s Cake

Curious George Birthday Cake
Curious George Birthday Cake

Treasure Chest Groom's Cake
Treasure Chest Groom’s Cake

Bassett Hound Cake
Basset Hound

Football Cake

Sony Camera Cake
Sony Camera Cake

Sushi Birthday Cake

Stacked Basketballs Birthday Cake - Timberwolves
Stacked Basketballs cake.

Superbowl party cake
Superbowl (Super Bowl?) cake

Kare 11 Raven Cake
“Raven” – Sculpted cake, made for Kare 11

MN Twins Baseball Cake
MN Twins Baseball

Draped Sugar Lilies Birthday cake
Drapey Lilies

Draped Birthday Cake

Nerdy laptop birthday cake
Nerdy Laptop

Stacked Jack O Lanterns Cake
Jack O’Cakerns

Coach handbag Cake
Coach Handbag Cake

Jeff Gordon Racecar Cake
Jeff Gordon Racecar Cake

Funky Birthday Cake
Funky Birthday

Dali Persistence of Memory Cake
Dali’s “Persistence of Memory”

Glittery Snowflakes Cake
Glittery Snowflakes

Homer Simpson Birthday Cake
My Husband’s Birthday Cake

Gibson Electric Guitar Cake
Gibson Electric Guitar Cake

Beach Themed Bridal Shower Cake
Beach Theme Bridal Shower

Nightclub promoter's birthday Cake
Taylortainment Cake

Great White Shark cake
Great White Shark

Draped Orchids Baby Shower Cake
Baby Shower

Back to the Future Delorean Birthday Cake

Congratulatory Cake

Dragonflies Birthday Cake

Foopmallet, World of Warcraft Grooms Cake
World of Warcraft Character

Portal Companion Cube Cake
Portal Companion Cube & Cake

R2D2 cake

Mad Hatter Birthday Cake
Mad Hatter II

Nascar Groom's Cake
Nascar Groom’s Cake

Ipod and Books Birthday Cake
Birthday Books & Ipod Cake

Twin Cities Pride Cake
TC Pride Slab Cake

Mad Hatter Birthday Cake
Mad Hatter III

Sweet 16 Birthday Cake
Sweet 16th Cake

Mountain Biking Groom's Cake
Mountain Biking Groom Cake

Stack of Books Graduation Cake
Graduation Books Cake

Super Mario Brothers Anniversary Cake
Super Mario Anniversary Cake

Nigerian Baptism Cake
Nigerian Baptism – Bible, Shirt, & Hat

Metallic Gold Graduation Cake
Graduation – School Colors!

Popcorn Groom's Cake
Popcorn Groom’s Cake

Meals on Wheels Event Cake
“Meals on Heels” event

Engagement Party cake with Yellow Sugar Stargazer Lilies
Sugar Stargazer Engagement Cake

Klingon Bird of Prey Cake
Klingon Bird of Prey Cake / Warbird Cake

Hannibal Lecter Silence of the Lambs Cake
Silence of the Lambs Cake

Queen of the Lizard People Photography Cake
“Queen of the Lizard People” Cake

2010 Superbowl cake
2010 Superbowl Party Cake

Gaming cake
Gamer’s Party Cake

Tardis Cake for Wil Wheaton
Tardis cake for Wil Wheaton!

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