AIP Paleo Ranch Dressing

Time to share my recipe for AIP / Paleo Ranch Dressing!

This recipe comes together very quickly and easily – just a couple minutes of gathering ingredients, and a quick whirl in blender – and results in a fantastic ranch sauce that is great for all kinds of dietary restrictions.

It’s AIP compliant, and Paleo. It’s gluten AND dairy free, as well as being nightshade free, and preservative free!

It’s not taste-free, though. I love the fresh taste of the herbs, which works so well with the coconut cream, and is balanced with a little tang from the apple cider vinegar. Use is as a salad dressing, or as a dip!

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AIP Paleo Ranch Dressing

AIP Paleo Ranch Dressing

Interested in Gluten-free cooking and baking? You’ll LOVE Beyond Flour: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking!

How many times have you come across a gluten-free recipe claiming to be “just as good as the normal version!”, only to wind up with weird textures, aftertastes, etc? Most gluten-free recipes are developed by taking a “normal” recipe, and swapping in a simulated “all purpose” gluten-free flour… whether store bought, or a homemade version. “Beyond Flour” takes a different approach: developing the recipe from scratch. Rather than swapping out the flour for an “all purpose” mix, I use various alternative flours as individual ingredients – skillfully blending flavours, textures, and other properties unique to each flour. Supporting ingredients and different techniques are also utilized to achieve the perfect end goal … not just a “reasonable facsimile”. Order your copy here.

Looking for even MORE fantastic gluten-free recipes? Beyond Flour now has a sequel: Beyond Flour 2: A Fresh Approach to Gluten-Free Cooking and Baking!

Imagine gluten-free foods that are as good – or better! – than their traditional, gluten-filled counterparts. Imagine no longer settling for foods with bizarre after-tastes, gummy consistency, and/or cardboard texture. Imagine graham crackers that taste just like the real thing. Crisp, flaky crackers…without the sandy texture. Hybrid tortillas that: look and act like flour tortillas, with the taste of fresh roasted corn! Imagine chewy, delicious cookies that *everyone* will want to eat! Imagine BAGELS. If you’ve cooked from “Beyond Flour”, you already know that these fantasies can be reality – it’s all in the development of the recipes. Order your copy here.

Riceless Stuffed Grape Leaves – Dolmades – AIP & Paleo

Riceless stuffed grape leaves! I LOVE stuffed grape leaves, and not even just as a vector for my toum addiction.

When I was low carbing – and eventually going onto the autoimmune protocol diet (AIP) – they were off the table, unless tweaked. Rice is carby, and it’s also not compliant for AIP.

Enter: Celery Root.

I got into celery root a couple years ago, as a nice substitute for rice. Peel it, run it through a food processor, and you’re good to go. I’d use it for Fried “rice”, as a base for Buffalo Chicken meatballs, in cabbage rolls, etc. When I started making toum at home, I had to see if it would work for dolmades. I’m happy to report that YES, it does.

These have all the flavour – as well as the appropriate texture – as the traditional, rice-filled dish. This is actually one of the top two AIP dishes we make here, along with my AIP Fish Tacos. My husband may not be following the AIP diet himself, but he would happily live on these two dishes alone!

Now, I’d originally written the recipe out and scheduled this before COVID was a big thing, so I’d like to add some info here, for those looking to make it in the next few months.

1. Up until recently, we’ve made these with fresh dill and mint. Given the current grocery situation, we recently made a batch using dried mint and dill.  I’m happy to say that it worked beautifully! Just sub 2 Tbsp each of dried dill and dried mint – to start – cook it up, taste, and add a bit more if you like.

2. Once the filling is cooked up, it can be cooled, put in freezer bags, and frozen. We made up a big batch at the beginning of this, divided it up, and froze them. To use, we allow them to thaw, and just continue rolling it up from there. I haven’t tried freezing fully assembled dolmades, so no idea how that would work.

However you end up doing up these riceless stuffed grape leaves – fresh, dried, frozen, whatever – just be sure to try them. WITH lots of toum, of course!


Note: This site is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for the site to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. While I’ll only ever link to items that I, personally, wholeheartedly recommend, I do need to put that disclosure out there!

AIP Stuffed Grape Leaves - Dolmades - AIP and Paleo

AIP Stuffed Grape Leaves - Dolmades - AIP and Paleo

Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies – “Gouties”! AIP and Paleo

Recently, I got into making gummy candies.

Having moved home to Canada, I have access to SO many amazing gummy candies. I have no idea why they’re better here than back in the USA, but they just are – a fact that wasn’t lost on friends back in MN… I used to buy 40+ lbs of gummies every time I’d visit home – I love Bulk Barn! – mix them up and divvy them between friends who’d placed “orders” for however many lbs they wanted. I got a lot of weird looks from border guards, LOL.

… but, as I’m coming to realize… traditional gummies are an awful gout trigger for me. Boo. It was fun while it lasted!

So, now I make my own, with fruit or fruit juices (and some other, more wild ingredients… stay tuned!), honey, and gelatin. It’s super easy to do, taking less than 10 minutes of work, and super satisfying. I’m particularly fond of the gummy worms, it’s just such a fun texture and wriggle.

In the case of these – which I’ve nicknamed “Goutie Bears” – or just “gouties” – I basically just gelatinized 2 ingredients that gout sufferers are supposed to consume frequently – tart cherry juice, and apple cider vinegar. Not the worst thing in the world, but gets boring to drink every day – gummies are much more fun!

Aside from gout, apple cider vinegar and tart cherry juice – separate or together – are supposed to have all sorts of other health benefits. They’re regularly touted as anti inflammatory agents, tart cherry juice is supposed to help you with sleep, etc. I honestly don’t know much about any of that, I’m just dutifully trying to stave off any further gout attacks (two years since the last one, woot!), and it does seem to help.

Not a gout sufferer? No worries, I’ll be posting more gummy recipes in the new future. It’s such a fun and easy thing to do, requiring minimal equipment – something very important, these days! Gummy candy making has definitely been a fun – and tasty – way to spend some self isolation time, and I’d imagine it would be a great project for kids to do. It’s certainly easy enough for kids to do, even with minimal supervison.

Note: This site is a participant in the Amazon Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for the site to earn fees by linking to Amazon and affiliated sites. While I’ll only ever link to items that I, personally, wholeheartedly recommend, I do need to put that disclosure out there!

In terms of the molds, I like using silicone molds that are specifically meant for gummies – it just feels more “legit”, IMHO. I’m not stuck on them being bears or worms, though. As pictured, THIS is the set I used for the photo. I also used THIS set, though those ones aren’t pictured here. The molds for that second set are a lot larger, so they fill up a lot quicker. They’re super cute cartoonish dinosaurs… which is important, when you’re talking about gout remedies, right? 🙂

I wish My Fruit Shack DIY Fruit Snacks Set – 4 BPA-Free LFGB/FDA Grade Silicone Molds (Makes 184 Gummies Total), 2 Droppers and 1 Basic Recipe Page“>THIS set was available in Canada, because it’s super cute. Maybe when the borders open up, I’ll order it and send it to a friend in Buffalo… I just have no idea when I’ll next see them.

There are a ton of different kinds of gummy molds available – fruit, stars, hearts, dinosaurs, etc. Just have fun with it!

Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Tart Cherry and Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Mango Salsa For Fish Tacos – AIP, Paleo

Well, it’s certainly been a wild few weeks, hasn’t it? I hope you guys are all doing well. We’ve been settling into the new normal here: Not knowing what day of the week it is, actually having time for chores, my husband actually being around all the time, instead of commuting 1 hour each way for a full course load at school, etc.

The cats are LOVING it, btw. Very spoiled, those kitties.

As introverts, we’re enjoying the peace and slow pace, though we see how hard some of our friends are taking it. I’m surprised at how many extroverts I know! Be sure to check in on your extroverts and give them some (LONG DISTANCE) fussings if needed!

Anyway! Food!

Since starting on the AIP diet back in January, fish tacos quickly became a favourite around here. It works up quickly and easily, has great colour and flavour, and tastes amazing – it may be a very restrictive diet, but you wouldn’t know it with this meal! The salsa in particular really makes the dish sing – it’s got a great combo of sweetness and tartness, textures, and a great combination of flavours that work well together.

It also tastes – and looks – so bright and sunny, I figured it would be a good one to share today, as we could all use a little brightness and colour right now. (Especially while we still have access to the ingredients!)

Stay healthy!

Mango Salsa for Fish Taco

Mango Salsa for Fish Tacos

Chicken Shawarma – AIP, Paleo, Dairy Free, and Gluten Free!

As I’ve mentioned before … one of the best things about Hamilton is also one of the most difficult things, when it comes to being on a restrictive diet. There is amazing food EVERYWHERE – every ethnicity you can think of is represented, and then some.

As part of that, there’s a shawarma place pretty much every three blocks – and I honestly don’t know how much of an exaggeration that is. There are shawarma-specific places, shawarma on combined focus menus, many pizza places even offer shawarma pizza.

Anyway, I digress. With shawarma everywhere, I knew I’d have to come up with a reasonable facsimile to serve at home. I’d proud to say that I managed to do just that – this is amazingly accurate for something that has no dairy or nightshades – and really hits the spot!

We’ve been making this almost every week since developing the recipe. The chicken leftovers reheat well, and also make a great salad:

AIp Chicken Shawarma Salad

Some of the prep work can be done beforehand. Toum can be done several days ahead, same with the pickles. You can marinate the chicken overnight … really, the seasoned tortillas and actually cooking the chicken are the only tasks that really should be done right before serving.

As far as the chicken goes, the recipe reflects the quickest and easiest way to cook it – sauteeing on the stove top. Alternatively, you could bake it or charcoal grill it (which has THE most authentic flavour, imho) – in either of these cases, marinate whole chicken breasts, cook them, then slice them up for service.