Gluten-Free Antipasto Salad

A fun thing about falling behind on blogging is when I have a big mess of intended posts, that I hadn’t done the write up for.

When did I create this recipe? I don’t know! Going on the images, they were photographed in September 2017, so sometime before that, anyway.

What inspired me? I have no idea. I’m guessing I was at a BBQ or other party and saw a charcuterie board near a pasta salad … that’s the kind of random inspiration that tends to lead me to develop recipes.

But, who knows for sure?

While I don’t remember the details leading up to the creation of it, I can totally remember the *taste* of it. It was a pleasure to eat, with a bunch of different textures and flavours, each bite was a bit different. The batch makes a fair amount, and I remember that my husband and I plowed through it embarrassingly quickly. Whoops!

As with most (non-baking, anyway) recipes that I post, there’s room for a wide amount of customization here.

Use regular noodles if you don’t need to be gluten-free.

Toss some green olives or capers in. Flakes of Asiago instead of parm? Go for it!

Maybe some pickled red onion slices, that would be awesome!

Want to mince a few anchovies into the sauce? I dig it.

You do you… enjoy!

Gluten Free Antipasto Salad

Gluten Free Antipasto Salad