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DIY “Random Light” Lampshade

Remember our friend Stephanie, who spent the summer of 2012 on a reality show? Though she’s a chemist, she quickly became known for her craftiness, always making stuff, designing furniture, etc. As she puts it, she imagines that she may be an interior designer in an alternate universe. Very much in touch with her crafty […]

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Hoppy IPA Pickles Recipe

Those bines that are threatening to take over / decorating our upstairs mini deck? Those are first year hops, doing *way* better than we ever thought they would. You see, we haven’t had the best luck with hops. We started them out a year before we bought our current house, and then spontaneously decided to […]

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Tropical White Chocolate Truffles Recipe

I know that the idea of making “fancy” desserts – like truffles – can seem intimidating to some. Many foo-foo desserts don’t seem to come across as something that can be made at home, or at least definitely not by a beginner. I swear that’s not true of this recipe – or any of the […]

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