Maple Walnut Spiced Pumpkin Buns

Yesterday, I was supposed to post something Thankgiving-y… but got sidetracked in favour of a big political rant. So, with less than a week to go before Thanksgiving, here’s that post 🙂

We were up in Duluth this weekend, enjoying the fall colours, and photographing the Northern Lights for our first time ever. (My first time seeing it!).

All that crisp, clean air and warm autumn colours put me right in the mood for baking.

On a grocery stop, we passed a display of cinnamon buns, and my mind wandered. What about doing “pumpkin spice” buns? With actual pumpkin in the bread? Of course, I need to put maple syrup in it… and here we are!

I actually started with my Buffalo Chicken Buns recipe! I don’t make a ton of cinnamon buns, usually preferring savoury baking. A few tweaks, and these were AWESOME. Says my husband:

“It’s autumn in my mouth! I love the complexity of the flavours all together. It’s well balanced, with nothing overwhelming anything else. The soft bready texture with the creamy glaze, the stickiness from the filling, and the crunch of the walnuts all compliments and contrasts each other, and keeps it all interesting.”


Maple Walnut Spiced Pumpkin Buns

Maple Walnut Spiced Pumpkin Buns