In case you were wondering about our caffeinated baking mixes..

Nerdy blogger extraordinaire, Georgia of Nerd Salad just posted an absolutely Awesome Review of our caffeinated baking mixes.

It had me blushing AND tearing up, so you should totally go check it out. My favorite visual from the whole thing?

“After about 3 cookies, (about one and a half cups of coffee) and 5-10 minutes I felt a noticeable rush of energy, and would have probably been the spotlight of a techno club, provided I was near one, and had some glow-sticks.”

Now, if we ever get to the point of requiring commercials – whether for TV, our site, or youtube… I know exactly what theme I’ll be going with, as a former raver myself!

Thank you for the awesome review,! Let me know if you’d ever want to star in such a commercial, I’d gladly get you all hopped up on our goodies for the cause!