Dairy Free Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta (AIP)

Have I mentioned how much I love Calamansi Juice? I mean, you know know that I love citrus in general, but calamansi juice is on a whole other level.

I happened across it one day while exploring Seafood City, an amazing Filipino grocery store about 30 minutes away. They had actual calamansi fruits – tiny little limes – as well as calamansi lemonade, calamansi soda, and calamansi juice in little bottles – like you’d buy RealLemon – for cooking.

I think I tried the lemonade and soda that first day, and had to make the trek back out there to buy *all the calamansi everything* a few days later. I was hooked!

Basically, it’s like a lime, but tastes like a combo of orange, lime, and something vaguely tropical. Absolutely intoxicating, now I use it basically anywhere I normally would have used lemon or lime juice. When I was still low carbing, I made a quick lemonade from that juice, fake sugar, and some water – it was actually fantastic.

Anyway. Yes. LOVE Calamansi juice.

So, recently I decided to try making a kind of faux panna cotta from it. It was while I was still on AIP (which I’ve had to modify, due to difficulty obtaining fresh vegetables during the pandemic!), so I had to do it dairy free, and without processed sugar. Luckily, honey and coconut milk work REALLY well with Calamansi – I wouldn’t doubt that they’d actually be preferable to dairy milk and white sugar, to be quite honest.

This works up incredibly quickly – just a few minutes of work, with great flavour and texture payoff.


Dairy Free Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta