Caturday: Mornings in Bed

We’ve decided to actually have a proper weekend, for the first time since the tornado.

Well, originally, this meant NO work at all, but we decided to finish tiling the bathroom floor/under the toilet, but… well, it’s just a couple hours, so I’ll let that slide. Still looking at it as a MOSTLY no-tornado-work weekend!

This morning, we slept in til 8 (!!), and then hung around in bed and watched the last Dr Who episode available on netflix. It was quite good… both lounging around, and the Dr Who episode!

So… gonna take some inspiration from this morning, and post some older photos of Jame. This was back shortly after moving in with my husband, and Jame had ISSUES with it. She was very, very possessive of “daddy”, and was NOT fond of the idea of anyone else sharing HER bed. Back then, it was pretty obnoxious… but now I find this photo set pretty adorable. I took these photos one morning after she’d “kicked me out of bed”.



1st Official “Caturday”: Baby Photos!

Turbo, being ridiculously stinking cute.
So, here it is – the first official “Caturday” post! (I’m not counting the “Meet the Family” post, of course. That’s just backgrounder information to *prepare* for Caturday!)

Anyway, wow, it’s almost 8pm… so maybe I should get to it!

For the “birth” of this feature on the blog, I decided that “baby photos” would be a good theme to start with. Unfortunately, we don’t have any baby photos of Rat, and only 2 of Jame. We got a lot more camera happy with the two youngest, to the point of ridiculousness – I had to sift through thousands of cat photos, to come up with a batch of baby-specific ones!

Our cats are all half crazy, so there are definitely a lot of interesting theme posts coming.



Meet the Family! (AKA: Introducing “Caturday”!)

Yesterday I read a comment on Twitter about how the persons’ feed was full of talk about riots and the economy, and “someone please send cat pics!”. As a proud mom to four “furbabies”, I decided right then and there – this blog will have a new feature. Saturdays will now be “Caturdays”, where I will post some ridiculously cute photos of the whole family here.

I mean, really… Martha Stewart blogs about her dogs, so why not?

Before my first “Caturday” post, I want to take the opportunity to introduce them all to you! You may already know them, if you follow me on Twitter… or “Like their page on Facebook. If not.. meet the family (who made one more appearance on this blog, back at Christmas.)

Christmas at the Porter House

The holiday season means many different things to many different people. As an Agnostic married to an Atheist, and with all of our local relatives being of the Jehovah’s Witness persuasion (and therefore not celebrating at all), we’ve come to make the holiday season fun and meaningful in our own way.

We may not go crazy with gifts, attend mass, or have family to gather and celebrate with.. and we may be scrooges with the vast majority of holiday music… but we’ve developed our own traditions:

We enjoy the annual viewing of Santa’s Slay – which, really, has got to be the greatest holiday movie ever!.

We start brewing a batch of holiday wine. Last year, it was a gorgeous fruity mead, flavored with the peels of holiday “Cuties” oranges. This year, we used more Cuties peels to flavor a big bastard 5 gallon batch of cranberry wine. Yum! (*hic!*)

… and then there’s the tree. No, we may not celebrate the holiday season in any traditional ways, but we figure we’re close enough to pagan to be able to sorta co-op THAT part of the holiday. Or at least that’s our excuse 🙂

Our fully “decorated” tree, as it appears
on Christmas day!

Many people take a lot of pride in the final appearance of their Christmas tree. We do too, but our “final” is a bit different. Like many people, the decoration of our tree is a family event, with lots of help from the kids. Instead of taking place over the course of a few hours, ours takes place over the course of the whole holiday season.

Oh… and our kids have four legs and claws! Click through for photos of Christmas as it happens here at our house… be forewarned: cuteness overload ahead! (more…)