Wine Making at Home, Part II : Equipment to Get Started

Now that we’ve covered the subject of Why you would want to make wine at home, it’s time to address equipment!

Wine making is a hobby that you can definitely build on. You can start out with a basic set of equipment, and build from there. I recommend making a batch or two of wine, deciding if it’s a hobby you can see yourself sticking with, and THEN worrying about rounding out your equipment collection. I’m just thrifty like that.

So, where to start? Here is the basic equipment that we recommend for a first SMALL batch. Each item is linked to the company that we buy our supplies from (Midwest Supplies, for visual aid and more information. (That is, NOT as a paid advertisement!). They are a great company to deal with, they ship all over the place… but all of the equipment we’ll be listing below should be easy to find in any brew supply store.