Fish Tacos – AIP, Paleo, and Gluten Free!

When I first started my stint on the AIP diet, the first couple of weeks were all about trying to come up with options that were easy, tasty, and that my husband would also eat.

Fish tacos were something I decided to try early on, but the first attempt went poorly. My husband LOVED them, but deep frying them had been such a frustrating hassle, I didn’t want to do it regularly. I’m not big on battered fish anyway (don’t judge!), so I decided to go for a simple seasoned and baked fish, the second time around.

… and we quickly settled on these fish tacos as a staple menu item, having them at least weekly. SO good!

In terms of the fish, we tend to use cod, tilapia, sometimes halibut if we’re feeling bougie. We usually ask our wonderful fishmonger for recommendations as to what’s looking best at the moment. (We <3 her - she’s a giant geek.) Basically just go for something white and flaky!

We’ve settled on topping just with the salsa to keep things simple, AIP compliant, and fresh tasting – it’s a well balanced flavour, and isn’t lacking for anything.

Depending on your own way of eating (IE if you don’t need to restrict things as much), you can add crema, pickled onions, jalapeno slices, whatever you like. It’s a good base!


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AIP Fish Tacos

AIP Fish Tacos

Mango Salsa For Fish Tacos – AIP, Paleo

Well, it’s certainly been a wild few weeks, hasn’t it? I hope you guys are all doing well. We’ve been settling into the new normal here: Not knowing what day of the week it is, actually having time for chores, my husband actually being around all the time, instead of commuting 1 hour each way for a full course load at school, etc.

The cats are LOVING it, btw. Very spoiled, those kitties.

As introverts, we’re enjoying the peace and slow pace, though we see how hard some of our friends are taking it. I’m surprised at how many extroverts I know! Be sure to check in on your extroverts and give them some (LONG DISTANCE) fussings if needed!

Anyway! Food!

Since starting on the AIP diet back in January, fish tacos quickly became a favourite around here. It works up quickly and easily, has great colour and flavour, and tastes amazing – it may be a very restrictive diet, but you wouldn’t know it with this meal! The salsa in particular really makes the dish sing – it’s got a great combo of sweetness and tartness, textures, and a great combination of flavours that work well together.

It also tastes – and looks – so bright and sunny, I figured it would be a good one to share today, as we could all use a little brightness and colour right now. (Especially while we still have access to the ingredients!)

Stay healthy!

Mango Salsa for Fish Taco

Mango Salsa for Fish Tacos