Easy Blood Orange Cranberry Dark Chocolate Fudge

And here we are, the final day of my “blood orange plus cranberries” candy making freakout! If you missed the past few blog entries, be sure to check out our recipes for Blood orange cranberry toffee, Easy blood orange cranberry white chocolate fudge, and TRADITIONAL blood orange cranberry fudge. Whew.

Today’s recipe is very similar to Friday’s recipe, but ends with a very different flavor profile. Again, this one takes about 2 minutes to make – let’s get to it!


Traditional Fudge – Blood Orange Cranberry Fudge

Day 3 of my “blood orange essential oil + cranberries” candy recipe binge! Only 1 more coming, I swear!

If you haven’t seen the past 2 days worth of entries, check out our recipes for Blood orange cranberry toffee and Blood orange cranberry easy white chocolate fudge. Takes more time to type the name of that second recipe than it does to make it!

Yesterday, I mentioned the two different types of fudge, before leading you down the easy path. Well, today’s the traditional route! Be sure to follow my instructions – stirring too much, when you’re not supposed to, not allowing the syrup to cool, etc can result in a grainy fudge. What you’re aiming for here is CREAMY. Yum! On to the recipe!


Easy Blood Orange Cranberry White Chocolate Fudge

If haven’t read yesterday’s post yet, you should. It gives a bit of background info on the next couple days worth of recipes… basically, all a love letter to Blood orange essential oil! Today, I’ll be sharing my recipe for blood orange cranberry white chocolate “easy” fudge.

Now, there are two main types of fudge. It doesn’t have anything to do with flavor, it’s about base ingredients and technique:

Easy fudge takes about 2 minutes to make (aside from the time it takes to cool and set), and just two base ingredients: Some type of chocolate, and sweetened condensed milk. You melt them together, add some flavorings, and let it set. DONE.

Traditional fudge takes a little more time and effort, and completely different base ingredients: sugar, corn syrup, milk and butter. You cook it to a certain point, allow it to cool, beat it, THEN let it set.

Today we’re going for an easy fudge, tomorrow I’ll be posting a traditional fudge recipe. As mentioned yesterday, they’ll both be flavored with blood orange essential oil and cranberries – a favorite combination of mine. What can I say, I was on a kick! Let’s get to it… (more…)