Valentine “Heart Beet” Eggs.

Lately, I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of Chinese Tea Eggs on Pinterest. They’re really pretty! Basically, you hard boil some eggs, crack the shells, then steep them in a tea and soy sauce mixture, producing gorgeous designs all over the peeled egg.

Partly because I can never seem to NOT screw with an idea, and partly because of the copious amounts of pickled beet brine that a recent beet/goat cheese salad obsession has left us with, I decided to bastardize the idea a bit. It turned out great – brightly “tie dyed” pink eggs, subtly flavored with beet brine.

… and then I bastardized my own idea! Check it out…


Chocolate Dessert Ravioli

Within the next two weeks, I should have a skeleton of a kitchen – cabinets and counters, but no cabinet faces, doors, or trim. So excited!

In the meantime, however, I’m forced to dig through my archives – across several computers – for older photos and recipes that I have not yet posted. In today’s case, this recipe was featured in my first cook book, The Spirited Baker. The photos were taken prior to publication, with the aim of being the divider page for the “Fancy” chapter.

Well, I had a change of heart, went with that gorgeous photo of the truffles instead, and have been sitting on these photos ever since. Time to share!

There are so many different ways to make a traditional dinner favorite – ravioli – into a new dessert favorite. Dough and filling types can be mixed and matched, cooking method can vary – baked, boiled, deep fried – and various different sauces can be used.

Dessert ravioli can be a little more labor intensive than some other recipes, but the effort is worth it! Dessert ravioli is something unique and unexpected. With a little creativity in presentation, it can really be a showstopper for your guests! Try serving it in martini glasses, with a light drizzling of sauce.

Chocolate Dessert Ravioli with Raspberry Chambord Sauce

Enjoy this recipe? Be sure to check out The Spirited Baker for more types of dessert ravioli, fillings, sauces… as well as many other tasty desserts!

High End Wedding Cakes and Fresh Floral Design CAN go Hand in Hand!

Last summer, Celebration Generation teamed up with local floral designer Jean Cowles, of Violet’s Flowers to create a series of high end fondant wedding cakes that incorporated fresh florals in the design. The following article and photos were developed into an 8 page article for a floral industry magazine, Flowers &. The article, while written for the benefit of floral designers specifically, could easily be of benefit to brides, floral designers, and cake designers alike.

I realized that I haven’t blogged about wedding stuff in awhile, seemed like a good time to dig this out of the ol’ archives to post 🙂