Homemade Mango Wine Recipe

Here we are: finally posting an actual wine recipe!

When we first started making wine, the first few batches had to rely on recipes we found online. It didn’t take long before we figured things out on our own, and started coming up with our very own recipes. This wine is not only one of the very first recipes we created, it’s one of our absolute favorite wines to drink, and also one of the cheapest/easiest to make. In other words, a damn fine foot to start out on!

This wine starts out very orange, thick, and pulpy. It won’t look anything like wine for a few months, as the pulp and yeast slowly settle. When all is said and done, you will be left with a crystal clear, pale, straw colored wine. Sweet, fruity, delicious wine that goes down a little too well… and costs only $1-2/bottle!

Another nice thing about this wine is that it is very good when “young”. Unlike many recipes, this one is tasty and ready to drink in only about 4-5 months! Age it if you like – we haven’t been able to keep any long enough to see how it ages!

The ABV on this comes out to about 15-16%.