Halloween Themed Shooters

Halloween is about a week away – Yay! I love this time of year … the fall weather, the changing color of the leaves, and the fun of Halloween. I love how *nuts* one can with with party planning for Halloween, as there are so many directions that one can go. Do you go for gory? Campy? Elegant goth? Each option has an entire world of possibilities for decor and food.

For our part, my husband and I recently decided to craft up some Halloween themed cocktail recipes. We decided to go fairly random on Halloween subthemes, while designing…. colors, flavors, and.. well, a couple that we were just aiming for “gross”.

As most of these ended up utilizing layering techniques, I’d suggest reading my earlier blog entry, “Shot Tectonics: The Science of Layered Shooters” before getting started. No worries, it’s really not that difficult!

Have fun with it!

To me, Black Licorice + Orange is an epic flavor combination. I grew up on it with Tiger Tail Ice Cream, and have played with it in other recipes, such as my Tiger Tail Cake Recipe.

Halloween Candy Shot

Orange Curacao

Pour Orange Curacao into a shotglass, filling it about halfway. Gently pour Anisette into the middle of the glass, filling it almost to the top.

The Anisette is “heavier” than the Curacao, and will sink to the bottom – creating a pretty gradient effect as it does.

Witches’ Stockings

I’ve got to admit – on its own, I really don’t like Creme de Violette. In this drink, though? It works! Monumentally more palatable, IMHO!

Creme de Violette
Sour Apple Pucker Liqueur
Orange Curacao

Layer liqueurs in order of mention above – First the Creme de Violette, then Apple Pucker, topping off with Orange Curacao.

Be VERY gentle as you layer these liqueurs – They’re fairly close in specific gravity, so they require a bit of extra attention to not mix them!

This one may not taste anything like Candy Corn specifically (We were going for layered colors, more than anything…), but it DOES taste like candy!

Candy Corn Shot

Creme de Banane
White Chocolate Creme Liqueur (We used Merry’s)
Orange Curacao

Layer liqueurs in order of mention above – First the Creme de Banane, then White Chocolate Creme, topping off with Orange Curacao.

I’m not going to lie, the actual shot part of this drink was a bit of an afterthought. The idea of making an edible bloody eyeball came to me in a dream, and was what inspired this whole blog entry. Then I woke up, googled, and found that I wasn’t the first to think of it. BOO.

The Bloody Eyeball

Canned Lychee
Red colored jam (We used Lingonberry)
Large blueberries
Sour Apple Pucker liqueur

Use a small spoon to carefully fill each lychee with jam. Place a large blueberry in the opening of the lychee, pressing in gently to secure the berry / cause a bit of gushing.

Fill shot glasses about 3/4 full with Sour Apple Pucker, then pour a bit of grenadine right in the middle. It’ll sink to the bottom, with a bit of swirl.

Top each glass with a lychee eyeball, using a toothpick if necessary.

This next one.. I can’t even tell you what it tastes like! We went for appearance first, looking to employ pouring and curdling techniques to create something that just looked disgusting. I can’t handle drinking curdled drinks… but my husband loved this!

We used a tall shot glass for effect, but these are usually done with normal shot glasses… whatever floats your boat will work just fine.

Zombie Brain Hemorrhage

Peach Schnapps
Creme de Menthe (Green, not clear!)
Bailey’s Irish Cream

Pour the Peach Schnapps into a shot glass, about 1/2 full. Pour a splash of Creme de Menthe in next – it’ll sink to the bottom.

Next, pour on the Bailey’s. I like to do a clean layer, you may prefer to gently pour it in for more of a mixed “brain” effect.

Just before serving, pour a splash of grenadine into the middle of the shot glass. It’ll drag some Bailey’s down, causing a curdling effect. It’s kind of mesmerizing to watch – here’s a progression:

We DID take a video of it, on the night we designed these cocktails. You’ll have to excuse us, it was at the END of the cocktail design session…

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin Like a Pro – Expert Guest Post!

Update: Alex will be appearing on “Good Morning America” this Halloween!

Halloween is such a fun time, and my husband and I look forward to it all year. Thing is, we look forward to it for the convention we attend – and it tends to preclude us from things like bothering to decorate our house. As a result, any potential I may (or may not!) have at pumpkin carving, Halloween crafting is largely un-realized!

In other words, Halloween seems like an awesome excuse for a guest post or two!

Remember Alex, “The Pumpkin Geek“? I’ve fangirled out about featured his amazing talents on this blog before. Check it out: Far-Flung Awesomeness of the Pumpkin Variety

It’s been a super productive ROCK STAR year and a half for Alex. He counts Jeri Ryan, LeVar Burton, Gene Simmons, Joe Mantegna, Brad Paisley, and Taylor Swift among his fans – they’re all proud owners of his work.

He’s been written up in international news, online newspapers, blogs… and has shipped his work to 9 different countries and counting.

He’ll be appearing on CBS’ “The Doctors” on Friday, Oct 28th for a segment on safe carving – so be sure to set your DVRs for that! Having only known him online, I can’t wait to see him actually working!

In the spirit of Halloween, check out some of his horror movie carves: (more…)