Dairy Free Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta (AIP)

Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta

Have I mentioned how much I love Calamansi Juice? I mean, you know know that I love citrus in general, but calamansi juice is on a whole other level.

I happened across it one day while exploring Seafood City, an amazing Filipino grocery store about 30 minutes away. They had actual calamansi fruits – tiny little limes – as well as calamansi lemonade, calamansi soda, and calamansi juice in little bottles – like you’d buy RealLemon – for cooking.

I think I tried the lemonade and soda that first day, and had to make the trek back out there to buy *all the calamansi everything* a few days later. I was hooked!

Basically, it’s like a lime, but tastes like a combo of orange, lime, and something vaguely tropical. Absolutely intoxicating, now I use it basically anywhere I normally would have used lemon or lime juice. When I was still low carbing, I made a quick lemonade from that juice, fake sugar, and some water – it was actually fantastic.

Anyway. Yes. LOVE Calamansi juice.

So, recently I decided to try making a kind of faux panna cotta from it. It was while I was still on AIP (which I’ve had to modify, due to difficulty obtaining fresh vegetables during the pandemic!), so I had to do it dairy free, and without processed sugar. Luckily, honey and coconut milk work REALLY well with Calamansi – I wouldn’t doubt that they’d actually be preferable to dairy milk and white sugar, to be quite honest.

This Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta works up incredibly quickly – just a few minutes of work, with great flavour and texture payoff.


Dairy Free Calamansi Coconut Panna Cotta

Easy Kahlua Panna Cotta

Today was a big first for me – my first food photo shoot with a photographer OTHER than my husband. Between being SUPER Type-A, kinda OCD, and opinionated on the best of days… I was pretty stressed out going into it.

I’m kinda spoiled, having a photographer in-house, and never having to worry about the logistics of bringing a hot-out-of-the-oven upside down cake to the other side of the city, preferably to be shot while fairly warm, and fresh! The basement studio is just SO much more convenient, LOL!

Anyway, I managed to behave myself, not contributing ANY opinions, barking NO orders, and managing not to go totally “Rain Man” in the process!

I’m very much looking forward to seeing the results when the magazine comes out next month! Right now, I’m enjoying one of the best parts of doing this shoot – leftovers of the yummy Kahlua panna cotta I made for the shoot!

This dessert is not only ridiculously creamy and delicious, it’s probably the easiest dessert ever. It takes about 5 minutes of work, and the results are just spectacular. Give it a try!