We Bought a House! OMG, What Are We In For?

10 days from today, we close on a house. It’s my first time buying one, and… wow. Just… wow.

A quick background: We’ve been renting forEVER. We’d found an amazing house that a friend was selling. It was several hundred/month more than we’d budgeted for rent, but he’d rent it to us til we were able to buy it from him. HUGE gorgeous house… but we were living month to month, hand to mouth.

When I slowed significantly on taking cake orders in order to write my books & transition to the next stage in what I wanted to do, our income took a huge hit. We knew it would happen, of course… but we also knew that the hard times would be worth it in the end.

Very recently, we came to acknowledge that there was no way we could continue to live here. We’d never get ahead, we’d never be able to save for a down payment… and the stress was no good for anyone. It was just too much house for a couple that had one member adopt a “starving artist” period of transition.

The house next door is what started the ball rolling. It went up for $100k. Wow. That’s about a third of what the buying price on our house is. Husband noticed, came home, and floated the idea of buying it.