Milk Chocolate Chai Truffles Recipe

If you’re looking for a little pre-Thanksgiving dinner treat, a hostess gift to bring along with you, an after dinner sweet…. or just want to get your chocolate on – here’s a great recipe for you!

These truffles are based on our famous Chai cake flavor. The warmth of the spices – cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, and nutmeg – pair fabulously with creamy milk chocolate, for a super satisfying sugar rush.

Truffles are easy to make – much easier than their retail cachet would have you think! Even a novice cook can turn these babies out, with very little effort, stress, or cost.

While chocolate chips may be a highly unusual medium for truffle making, they are easy to find, and lack the sticker shock that comes with the more traditional chocolate options. Anyone can make these truffles at home, with common ingredients, for only about $4.00/30 truffles!!


Peachy Southern Comfort Cheesecake Recipe – Gluten Free!

Yesterday was National Cheesecake Day here in the USA. I’d intended to post this recipe on Friday, to give you all an excuse to celebrate it… but got distracted with home repairs.

Ah well, no one really needs an EXCUSE to celebrate cheesecake, right? It’s a celebration unto itself!

This is one of the recipes in my first cookbook, The Spirited Baker. It’s pictured as the divider image for the “Creamy” chapter, and the photo was featured in our promo material for the book. Let me tell you, for all the oohing and ahhing that has happened over the photos of this recipe… the photo doesn’t even do it justice.

The photo doesn’t adequately depict how insanely satisfying the combination of Southern Comfort, pecans, and fresh peaches is. It doesn’t convey anything about the deep-down belly sigh you’ll emit on first bite. Oh, and how melt-in-your-mouth creamy this cheesecake is. The photo captures none of that – no photo could. Pretty tasty looking photo anyway… but just wait til you try the cheesecake itself!


Craft: Shower / Reception Heart Arrangements

When I got married, I was a seasoned and highly efficient event floral designer. Of course I was going to do my own arrangements! Hiring out wasn’t even a consideration – I’m very Type A, I knew exactly what I wanted, etc.

Even with my experience… if I had my time back, I definitely would have hired out, just to minimize that bit of extra stress the day of/day before. Would have liked to be enjoying time with the girls the morning of, not running a hot shower in the hotel room to coax some stubborn lilies open! I always recommend to hire a professional floral designer for your wedding.

Sometimes though, it’s just not in the budget, or not what the bride wants to do, for whatever reason. That’s fine.. but definitely requires some planning ahead! Try to design arrangements that will last several days, and pick sturdy flowers that don’t require a lot of special care.

Here is a cute, cost efficient floral arrangement that can be made several days ahead of your wedding! You can use these on each table (and the individual arrangements can double as guest favors!), or just on “special” tables.. the guest book table, etc. The instructions are for the arrangement as pictured – you can use less containers, and do a smaller heart if you’d like!