Weddings, The Industry, and “Trends”

Like many wedding industry professionals, I find myself inundated with information about “trends” in the wedding industry. While some of these are actually important to me (usually to do with logistics).. it’s the idea of color trending that has me shaking my head from time to time. Maybe I’m just still burnt out from my years in the fashion industry, but I’ve never totally been able to wrap my head around the idea of planning around color trends.

It’s a long standing thing for me, I remember failing a project back in fashion school over my views. We were asked to write a paper on.. jeez, I think it was it meant to be “in style”. I wrote my paper on my own views – that to be really stylish, one should embrace their personality, appearance and go with what works for them. That it shouldn’t matter if a certain color is “so last year”. That if that’s the color you look best in, wear it, rock it, own it… look and feel your best, and THAT is what it means to have style.

Yeah. My instructors and I didn’t really see eye to eye on that at all.