Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir
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"Twisted: A Minneapolis Tornado Memoir" was released on May 22, 2012 - The first anniversary of the
North Minneapolis tornado.

Printed books can only be minimally interactive... so here are some links!

Tornado Superheroes

North Minneapolis Post Tornado Watch Facebook page: AMAZING resource page put together to help the tornado victims. The main source of information for those of us affected, as well as those looking to help.

North Minneapolis Post Tornado Watch Information site: A google site put up to keep track of the NMPTW resources. Amazing amount of detail here.

Mike Haege, Tree Faller: Licensed and insured tree removal/trimming contractor who was kicked out of the tornado zone the day after the tornado. He was then fined for helping residents out, free of charge.

Project Flower Bomb: A local initiative to bring some cheer to the tornado zone in the week following the tornado. Personal website for Peter - He started as an acquaintance, quickly became a friend. Total rock star, through and through.

FEMA Information

FEMA’s Disaster Declaration Process: A Primer: How a disaster declaration is made, and what FEMA can do.

Individual Assistance: Though our tornado didn't qualify for individual assistance through FEMA, here is some great info on what individual assistance provides IF an Individual Assistance declaration is made. (Minneapolis received a Public Assistance declaration)

FEMA Training & Education: FEMA provides free Independant Study courses online for anyone who is interested... and you can even obtain a certificate at the end. If you have an hour, you, too can have a better understanding of emergency management than our city apparently does! ("Incident Command" and "NIMS" are particular search terms of interest).

Marie's Tornado Update Posts

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